New Delhi November 13, 2016: With a spectacular Valedictory Ceremony,  3-day historic Conclave “Akhil Bharatiya Karyakarta PRERANA SHIBIR-2016” by Rashtra Sevika Samiti concludes at New Delhi. #SamitiPrerana.

Paralympic Silver Medalist Deepa Malik, Eminent Scientist Dr V Shubhaji, Rashtra Sevika Samiti’s Sanchalika V Shantha Kumari graced the Valedictory Ceremony.

Rashtra Sevika Samiti’s volunteers demonstrated spectacular physical exercise on the occasion.

Valedictory Ceremony began with Well coordinated musical Patha yog (Dhwaj yog) on a beautiful gangajala sthotra or verse.

Welcome address and introductory speech was given by Sunila Sohwani, Prachar Prasar Pramukh of Rashtra Sevika Samiti.

Shibir report was delivered by Ma.Alaka inamdar, Akhila bharathiya saha Karyavahika. “Started off with accredit that Sthree is an every flowing source of strength, power and energy. This energy is not always seen, visible or felt in the society. The progressive journey of every sevika is from ‘individual’ to ‘whole’. There are about 1000 services projects lead and co ordinated by Samiti. Sevikas are ahead in providing the necessary support to the needy even during natural calamities.” said Alaka Inamdar.

“2100 Sevikas attended and participated in shibhir” said Alaka Inamdar.

Paralympic Silver Medalist Deepa Malik said “I am privileged to be invited for prerana shibir. I came here as an inspiration to the shibhirarthis but seeing the galore here I’m inspired.”

Deepa Malik quoted ” I come from a family of army officers awarded with medals. They felt proud when 4 women from our family had won medals and made the entire nation proud.”

Deepa shared though with her physical challenges, she never gave a reason to stay back at home idle. She mentioned that it is this zeal of inner strength and power in a ‘stree’ that makes her unique.

Presidential address by Eminent Scientist Dr.V Shubhaji of  NAL,Bengaluru said “a family hold is held with honesty, kindness, humbleness. These are the four pillars for any individual. Be grateful to elders and parents of your family.”

“The Delhi international airport works on the  ‘sampurna Swadeshi system designed by NAL, which is cost effective. Cost in other countries might cost crores , but NALs cost is just 1/5th. NAL takes pride in making many products and machines. Shubhaji herself has faced crucial challenges for 4 yrs but sailed through them by invoking her ‘Matru shakti’.” said Dr Shubha.

In her Valedictory address, Rashtra Sevika Samiti’s Pramukh Sanchalika V Shantha Kumari said’ We started this shibir on devottam Ekadashi which was indeed a devine start. The guests of todays concluding ceremony Deepa Malik and Dr V Shubha have made our country proud and they have given a lot of Prerana to our Sevikas.”

“Today in Vaikunta Chaturdashi where Hari and Hara met. This symbolises that there could be difference in opinion but not in the mindset. We are like one big family living in this nation. But the situation in J&K is standing on a challenge which is shattering the harmony in the society.” said V Shantha Kumari.

“Samiti has put in the stepping stone to reach the youth so they are guided towards the right path of thought and action. Samiti has conducted various seminars and workshops on “Tejomaya Bharath” – vibrant India, where 1000s of young minds are motivated to work towards nation progress with patriotic favour. Ideally this process has begun from infant age and our family system in the stage for this device transformation” she said.

“The second vision of Samiti is to put forth the roles and responsibilities in front of the families. Families are the pillars of the society and nation, and samiti has taken ‘family enrichment workshop’s focusing on the values system of our ancient rich cultural heritage.” said V Shantha Kumari.

Dr. Uma Vaidya, Dr. Mina Chandavarkar and Dr. Jyotikiran Shukla spoke on three subtopics of the seminar. Three books named ‘Matru Chintan, ‘MatruKor’ and ‘Being contemporaneous without getting westernized’ were released in the presence of Shantakka, president of RashtraSevikaSamiti, Sumitra Mahajan and the three speakers.

At the end of the third and final day of PreranaShivir, Sevikas are heading back to their respective states, inspired – energized and reinvigorated.

Report by: Malini Bhaskar, Parimala Murty and Asha Nayak. 

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