Samskritotsavam Chennai-2012

Chennai: 3 day Samaskritotsavam was held in Chennai last week, saw an unprecedented response from samskrit enthusiastic citizens, in which nearly 12000 participated. Sri Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji of Udupi Pejawar Mutt, Dinesh Kamath, National Organising secretary of Samskrit Bharati and several other scholars were present during the Samskritotsatavm ceremony.
Samskritotsavam Chennai-2012
Sri Dinesh Kamath, National Organising Secretary of Samskrit Bharati at Samskritotsavam
Highlights of Samskritotsatvam are listed below.
  • 3 days – 12,000 attendees – 85 Schools & Colleges / 70 Judges
  • First time in Chennai by School / College students – Bhaashanam, Katha kathanam, Katha kalakshepam, Vyaktigeetam / Samuhika geetam – in Samskrit
  • 720 Samskrit Lecturers / teachers & parents
  • Programme was live webcasted on –
  • Income tax commissioner (3-hours Intellectual PPT) on Aeronautical Engineering in Ancient Bharat
  • Ghatam Dr. Karthick – SPEAKING Samskrit – on stage – during his program – the sumsKrythm
  • Amazing modern poetry by contemporary Samskrit Poets (many very young in age)
  • Books sold to the tune of Rs.1,09,000/-
  • Latest book Released in Samskrit (Big size, Multi-color):
  • Stories from life of Swami Vivekananda (FULL of PICTURES)
  • 30 Hours of Gita Chanting
  • 6 Hours of Bhajans / Stotras
  • Youngest competitor in Samskrit ORATORY – 4year kid
  • Exhibits of ALL names OF KRISHNA with meaning & picture occuring in the Bhagavad Gita
  • Many Tirukkural translations in Samskrit – mentioned & shared by scholars on dias – Tiruppur Krishnan, Dr. VV.Subramanian, Dr.Ramachandran, Dr.Aravamudan
  • Substantial proof that Shivkar Bapui Talpade was FIRST to BUILD AEROPLANE – income tax Commissioner, Goa in his Intellectual PPT session
  • Samskrit comes from Nature, so it can never fade – Dr. MM.Alex, Scientist, Ancient Integrated Therapies Research (in his speech)
  • 3-hour mind-boggling presentation on VAIMANIKA SHASTRA – Ancient Indian Aeronautical Engineering
  • Very young upcoming Poets’ reciting amazing poetry on contemporary themes
  • Samskrit – the best tool for programming / younsters speaking Samskrit => Samskrits’ future is bright – Swami Atmaghanananda, Ramakrishna Mutt (in his speech)
  • Govt. must honour Language Scholars – Tiruppur Krishnan, Editor, Amudasurabhi.
(Inputs from VSK-Chennai)

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