RSS Sarkaryavah’s Statement on current situation in the country:
Statement of Shri Bhaiyyaji Joshi, General Secretary, RSS on the current situation in the country
Date 16-03-2013
 The economic crisis aggravated by the myopic policies of the Government and neglect of the Agriculture, SSIs and such other employment oriented sectors is emerging as a serious cause of concern for the country. The growth rate of manufacturing sector has nose – dived to the lowest ever level since Independence. Growing unemployment due to this decline, unabated price rise, widening deficit in foreign trade and growing dominance of the foreign companies over the country’s industry, trade and commerce are pushing us to a grave economic crises and foreign dependence. Besides, the growing scarcity of resources for Agriculture, Defence and Public Welfare on account of fiscal crisis is also a matter of serious concern.
 Growing incidents of suicides by the farmers due to neglect of agriculture, dependence of increasing number of farmers on Contract Farming and the irrational obduracy of the Government in Land Acquisition matters, etc. are pushing the life of crores of farmers into grave crisis, besides, affecting Food Security of the country.
 It is a matter of grave concern that multi-lateral trade agreements and free trade agreements have been restricting the Government in taking decision in all areas in national interest and leaving it without option. In the given circumstances urgent initiative is needed for restructuring the economy for self reliant development.
 Rivers like Ganga and Yamuna on the one hand are held as centres of profound reverence, and on the other hand they sustain the livelihood of crores of people besides sustaining ecological order of a large part of the country. The Government’s attempts to obstruct flow of these rivers, its neglect of keeping them pollution free and its apathy towards the popular river protection movements by ignoring their sentiments are also matters of grave concern. The RSS welcomes all these popular movements.
 On the other hand, river water disputes, like that of Cauvery, are also a matter of grave concern. Sharing of river water amongst the States must be done in a judicious and harmonious manner in the context of larger public good.
 Likewise, the Ram Setu, besides being an object of faith for crores of Hindus, is effectively safeguarding the rare Thorium reserves, abundantly available in the region. The people in the country will never accept the obstinate attempt of the Government to go ahead with the Setu Samudram project by destroying the Ram Setu.
 In the past as well, the Government had to give up before the wrath of the Ram Bhaktas, its attempt to start the work to build a shipping canal by destroying the Ram Setu. The affidavit filed by the Government in the Supreme Court, declining to adopt the alternative alignment, suggested by the Pachouri Committee raises the questions about its intentions.
We urge the Government to respect the popular sentiments and dare not touch the Ram Setu, else it will once again become a target of massive public fury. On all such issues,

the Government should act in national interest, keeping in view the public sentiments.

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