Nagpur: March 17, 2012: Bhayyaji Joshi has been unanimously re-elected to the post of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Sarakaryavah in the Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha (ABPS) that is under way at Nagpur from March 17.

Bhayyaji had completed three years of his duty as sarakaryawah this year. As per the RSS Constitution, election for the post of sarakaryawah is held after every three years.

In the morning session of ABPS, Mananeeya Bhayyaji presented the annual report and vacated the post of sarakaryawah. After this, RSS saha sarakaryawah Mananeeya Sureshji Soni took reigns in his hand and appointed All India Executive Committee member Dr Ashokrao Kukde as the election officer.

Election officer Dr Kukde initiated the election process as per the provision of RSS Constitution.  Among the present representatives, Uttar kshetra sanghchalak mananeeya Bajranglal Gupt proposed the name of Bhayyaji Joshi for the post of sarkaryawah. Dakshin kshetra karyawah A R Mohanan and Purva kshetra sanghchalak mananeeya Ranendra Nath seconded this name. Dr Kukde announced Bhayyaji Joshi as sarkaryawah since none other recommendation came forward

Bhayyaji will shoulder the responsibility of sarkaryawah for coming three years.

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