Dr Bhagwati Prakash, national co-convener of Swadeshi Jagaran Manch briefing media in RSS resolution




Dr Bhagwati Prakash, national co-convener of Swadeshi Jagaran Manch briefing media on RSS resolution

Bharat is witnessing upsurge of popular movements in different parts of the country over various issues like land rights, political rights, dams and river water sharing, movement of people from one state to the other, conflicts between different groups based on tribe, caste, religion etc. The Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha expresses concern over the growing ill will among various sections of our society due to the actions of certain vested interests of these movements.

The ABPS exhorts that mature polity should handle such movements with utmost care and sensitivity. It should accord greater priority to unity and integrity of the society while handling these issues. Unfortunately what we experience today is exploitation of public sentiments for political expediency resulting in harm to our social cohesion.

Media plays an important role in public education and awakening. Sensationalism of sections of media in such matters will not only cause harm to the interest of the movement but also adversely impact the social fabric. Leaders of voluntary and Non-Government Organisations, who take active part in several such movements, have an onerous responsibility of ensuring that fissiparous tendencies don’t creep in and vested and foreign interests don’t take advantage of the movements to vitiate the atmosphere of social harmony and national unity. The ABPS calls upon the media and the NGO leadership to play a constructive role in providing right direction to such movements.

There are bound to be genuine grievances and complaints from each side in most of the issues that give rise to such movements. However the ABPS appeals to the leaders and participant people of these movements to never lose sight of the greater unity and integrity of our society. Nothing should be said or done in the course of pursuing demands that would create fissures in our social fabric and weaken our national bonds.

It is a matter of grave concern for the ABPS that the actions of the Government in issues like Communal and Targeted Violence Bill and Minority Reservations are potential triggers for creating disunity and discord among various sections of the society. Anti-Constitutional decision of the Union and certain State governments to carve out 4.5% as Minority Quota from the OBC Quota of 27% reservations calls for rejection by the entire nation. The ABPS exhorts that the national policy should be guided not by short-term political gains but by the principle of One Nation – One People.

The ABPS calls upon the countrymen in general and Swayamsevaks in particular to play a proactive role in ensuring that the attempts by some sections of our society to destroy our social unity for narrow selfish ends never succeed.

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