AKHIL BHARATIYA VIDYARTHI PARISHAD National Executive Council meeting

26-29 May 2011, Vrindavan, Mathura

Resolution No.-2

Present Scenario

Today, India is much ahead to many powerful nations of the world, May it be armed forces, nuclear power or human resources. we are capable in all thes areas but  the increasing problems of naxalism, terrorism, inflation, corruption and the ongoing torture farmers has created a negative atmosphere throughout the country. The irresponsible and ineffective leadership of Central Government anti national powers are making their roots strong in the country. There is a sharp increase in naxalite activities in many districts of India due to policies of Central and State Governments. The way in which the naxalite supporter Vinayak Sen has been appointed as a member of planning commission under the cover of pediatric specialist clearly authenticates that the Central Governments fight against naxalism is just an eye wash.

This national executive of ABVP demands that Vinayak Sen should be immediately removed from this important post of planning commission. The naxalist are becoming more violent due to the uncertain policies of Central and State Governments. During past one month naxalies have killed 11 soldiers in Gariyaband, Chhattisgarh, 12 in Jharkhand’s Lohardaga and 2 in Gharchiroli, Maharashtra and several other incidents of violence have been reported from various places of country.

It is a matter of grave concern and a challenge to the nation that the naxalites have demanded from the president of india that the proposed army training center should not be made operational in Abheymaad, Chhattisgarh. ABVP’s national executive strongly feels that any compromise related to Army Training centre could prove to be dangerous for the nation.

ABVP visualizes the results of recent elections in five states as a mandate against corruption and red-terrorism. West Bengal voters have shown an examplary courage against the violent and terrorizing 35 years long rule of communists. CPM since its foundation always believed in violence. Violence, murder and loot is a character of the leftist. The national executive of ABVP demands from Election Commission that CPM should be de recognised as it always has been involved in violent activities and has no faith in constitution of India.

Recent raids on CPM offices after election arms and amunition which were looted from silda camp of armed forces are recovered reveles the violent character of communists. This incident also proves that CPM’s top leadership has strong ties with naxalist. ABVP hopes that newly elected government of West Bengal will work honestly for the long awaited development of the state.

Recently America killied terrorist Osama Bin Laden who was camping in Pakistan exposes the terrorist face of Pakistan to the world. this is now clear that the terrorist activities all over the world have its origin in the Pakistan itself. Pak sponsored terrorist activities have increased in recent years in India. Pak trained terrorist are responsible for killings of thousands of innocents people in India in bomb blasts. Weak and uncertion policies and vote bank politics of Government of india failed to punish single terrorist.

Terrorist list submitted to Govt. pak include names of terrorist situated in india is shameful on the part of Govt. of india at international level. This clearly indicates the incapability and unwillingness of UPA Govt. to fight against terrorism.This national executive of ABVP demands that Indian Govt. should declare Pak- a terrorist state and create enough pressure on Pak to hand over  terrorists demanded by India.

The national executive also feels that it is unfortunate to acquire farmers land in the name of development. A very meager compensation has been offered to farmers for their land. The acquired land is to be handedover to land Mafias and industrialists for making, Malls and elite Townships, Land mafias industrialists and States Govt. are together involved in grabbing farmers land forcefully and compensation proposed is extremely meager. On one hand land is acquired by State Govt. at the rate of only Rs. 650/sq. mtrs. and further sold over to land mafias at the rate of Rs 4750/ sq. mtrs. and to NRI at the rate of Rs 14500/ sq. mtrs.  NEC strongly condemn forceful acquisition of agricultural land in Jaitapur, Maharashtra for nuclear power plant, despite democratic revolt by local farmers. Honorable supreme court’s decision of cancelling 216 acre of allotted land in Noida clearly indicates a large scale loot of farmers land. The killing of three farmers in land acquisition struggle between police and farmers in Bhatta Parasoal of U.P. is quite unfortunate. This national executive of ABVP demands that the land acquisition law which was enforced by Britishers during their rule in India, needs an overall change and be made denovo taking care of the interest of the farmers .

The wrong economic policies of central Govt. has given rise in prices of petrol & deisel as a result there is sharp increase in the prices of food commodities since 2005-06. In reference of 2005-06 index of food commodities the prices have taken a rise of three times at least thus resulting into a grave struggle of ordinary man to make his two ends meet. NEC of ABVP demands from central Govt. to take effective and strong measures to check price inflation of food commodities.

Radhika Tanwar of Delhi University was killed by her classmet. girl footboll player was killed by CRPF person, in jabalpur medical college there is a case of esxual harassment for passing the examination, these type of incidences are increasing in the country . It is extremly shameful the incidences of woman harassment are increasing. ABVP condems ther events, in the opinion of ABVP such criminals are not punished strongly therfor this type of events are increasing.

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