Mohan Bhagwat speaks in 'Advocates for Hindutva' conference

Davanagere, Karnataka March 4: “Keeping professional morals high, advocates should  aware of their social responsibilities” said RSS Sarasanghachalak Mohan Bhagwat at Davanagere today.

Mohan Bhagwat speaks in 'Advocates for Hindutva' conference

He was delivering the inaugural speech  in of  ‘Advocates for Hindutva‘ conference at Davanagere, Karnataka.

“Lawyers, being a part of  judiciary proceedings should ensure to protect the justice and social health, though legal arguments are carried far and against in a case. Hindutva is the only concept which focus upon global justice and to eradicate all kind of injustices. There is a need to understand the concepts in Hindutva, hence the  title for today’s event is Advocates for ‘Hindutva’,” clarified Mohan Bhagwat.

“Hindutva is our national identity.  Hindutva is our nationality.Our nation is very much known as Hindu Rashtra. The Supreme Court has defined Hindutva as a way of life” said RSS Chief.

“Hindutva is the most needed concept to achieve universal integrity and universal peace as there is increased violence, injustice. The world is in a need of the eternal values of Bharat. Such an lifestyle based on these ancient values is known as Hindutva” added the Sangh Supremo.

“The very basic concepts like ‘Sarvepi sukhina santu‘ are never found else where other than Hindutva. Justice is hard on its focus, which condemns the wrong, and upholds  the right. The life should be led according the Dharma, keeping Artha and Kama controlled to reach the Moksha, as per Hindu sway of life”

Mohan Bhagwat

“Hindutva is our national identity.  Hindutva is our nationality.Our nation is very much known as Hindu Rashtra. The Supreme Court has defined Hindutva as a way of life” said RSS Chief.

“Every Indians are Hindus by this concept of nationality. The ancestors of Indian Muslims were Hindus only. Hence each Muslim of this nation culturally a Hindu. Unfortunately the vote-bank politics has divided them and grouped as minority. Few fundamentalists demand to implement Sachar Committee report but we still oppose it which is a threat to social integrity” said Bhagwat.

“The role of advocates is to stand for the justice, ever. Hence the conference ‘Advocates  for Justice’ is nothing but ‘Advocates for Hindutva’. Legal activism is a major need of the hour by which we can protect Hindu way of life from all cultural invasions” said Mohan Bhagwat quoting the example over the legal debate of Homosexuality in India.

RSS Supremo arrives in 'Advocates for Hindutva' conference

Sri Siddhalinga Swamji of Harihara and Justice M Ramakrishna, Rtd Chief Justice of Assam and Jammu-Kashmir were also present along with Mohan Bhagwat during the inaugural ceremony.

Nearly 1400 advocates from different parts of the state are participating in this conclave.

Hindu Jagarana Vedike, a pro-Hindu outfit of RSS is organising this event on commemoration of its silver jubilee year.

Mohan Bhagwat felicitated at 'Advocates for Hindutva' conference

In first session RSS National Executive Member Indresh Kumar spoke on “Sachar Committee and Ranganath Mishra Commission report-a threat to nation”. Lt General V M Patil was the chief guest for the session.

Post lunch session on “Social challenges of Karnataka”, CV Keshavamoorthy, senior advocate from Mysore delivered the key note address. Sri Ashok Sahu, Justice Parvath Rao, All India President of Adhivakta Parishad the was the chief guest.

In the valedictory at 3.45pm, Janata Party Chief Dr Subramanian Swamy, Sri PC Dogra, Justice M Rama Jois addressed the gathering.

Panchama Sali Seer addressing
Delegates gathered

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