VHP International General Secretary Dr Pravin Togadia Reacted strongly  against Union Law Minister’s announcement of quota to Muslims from what is reserved 27% for OBCs. He blamed govt for hurting the poor OBC while the nation-wide rage against FDI in Retail has gripped the Nation.

Dr Togadia said, “One after another decision by the Govt has been proving that the Govt is specifically targeting Hindus. When they came to power, they repealed POTA & gave free hand to Jehadi Terrorists; then they created NIA to put Hindus in jail; then they increased fuel prices to benefit Middle East’s Petro-Jehadis; then all prices were jacked up to facilitate entry of FDI in Retail so that majority Hindu traders, small & medium businesses, farmers & customers in short & long term lose everything in life and now Union Law Minister announces that he would send proposal to the cabinet to be passed for Muslim quota from OBCs 27%. The intension is clear: Govt wants that no Sanaatani, Jain, Sikh should ever survive in Bharat. Muslims produce unlimited children in the name of religion & claim reservations on the basis of that number whereas Hindus & others are compelled to limit family to 2 kids. This is population Jehad which has put excess load on Bharat due to which our economy has become shaky. Now snatching the facilities of the poor, backward communities from OBC, govt is giving them to Muslims. This is truly a reservation Jehad by the Govt against Hindus & others. There are around 175 sub-castes in OBCs & with Govt’s decision to give part of their quota to Muslims will hurt them immensely.”

Dr Togadia further added, “Our constitution does not allow reservations based on religion. Many courts too have objected to such reservations. When the concept of reservations was introduced by Dr Ambedkar, it was because many castes & communities were deprived of development. They still are. Therefore SCs & OBCs still deserve reservations & facilities. But Muslims are basically invaders. Those who attacked stayed back & now their generations are invading Bharat’s economic pie grabbing it from the truly deserving poor. This is completely unacceptable. Islam slams non-Muslim ancestors & therefore they have no right to even claim the castes of their ancestors & grab quota of the poor OBCs based on the ancestors’ castes. VHP will not allow such a reservation Jehad by the Govt & will oppose it democratically.”

Dr Togadia demanded immediate withdrawal of all such proposals giving any reservations to Muslims or other minorities either from the quota of OBCs, SCs, NTs or even independent quota. He also appealed all SCs, OBCs, NTs & all other castes to come together & stand together as ONE to prevent further breaking of Bharat, which will soon go in the hands of Population & Reservation Jehadis. VHP will do nation-wide democratic agitations against any reservations to Muslims.

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