Dattatreya Hosabale speaks

Dattatreya Hosabale speaks

Jammu: RSS Joint General Secretary Sri Dattatreya Hosable was speaking at a discussion on the Bill organised by Trikuta Samvad Kendra in Jammu recently. “The Communal Violence Bill will strike at the root of nation’s unity, weaken the social fabric of the country, widen the gulf between majority and minority communities and will endanger the integrity of our country,” Shri Hosabale mentioned adding that the Bill will neither serve any purpose for the society nor for the country.

“This draft Bill however proceeds on a presumption that communal trouble is created only by members of the majority community and never by a member of the minority community. Thus, offences committed by members of the majority community against members of the minority community are punishable. Terrorist groups may no longer indulge in terrorist violence. They will be incentivised to create communal riots due to a statutory assumption that members of a jihadi group will not be punished under this law. The law makes only members of the majority community culpable. Why should the law discriminate on the basis of a religion or caste? It is dangerous as it would encourage communalism rather than curbing it by furthering the divide between majority and minority communities,” he said.

He was of the views that the attempt on the part of the UPA Government is to destabilise the federal structure of the country. “Such appeasement policy of the Congress-led Government at the Centre would promote and encourage the fundamentalist forces,” he maintained. “Though the Bill is not meant for Hindus of Jammu & Kashmir and state may not have that impact as compared to the nation as a whole, still the people in this part of the country are required to understand it,” he told the target gathering in the seminar.

Brigadier (Retd) Shri Ravinder Singh Jamwal presided over the seminar. He advocated the views of RSS Sahsarkaryavah and cautioned the people of the state about the dangerous move of the UPA Government.

Earlier, the Sahsarkaryavah and other distinguished persons were welcomed by president of the Trikuta Samvad Kendra, Dr Satyadev Gupta. He presented a brief note of the repercussions of the proposed Bill. The proceedings of the seminar were conducted by Shri Abhay Pargal.

Khajuria S Kant, Organiser

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