Muslim leaders delegation met CM Siddaramaiah in Bangalore on June-3-2013 requesting to release Abdul Nazer Madani.


Bangalore June 12, 2013: It has been revealed that behind the scene efforts are on to secure the release of the infamous terrorist Abdul Nasser Madani from jail on the pretext of his ill health. A delegation of leaders of communal Muslim organizations like Muslim League of Kerala and K.F.D and others, has met Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on June 3rd, 2013.

Muslim leaders delegation met CM Siddaramaiah in Bangalore on June-3-2013 requesting to release Abdul Nazer Madani.
Muslim leaders delegation met CM Siddaramaiah in Bangalore on June-3-2013 requesting to release Abdul Nazer Madani.

Muslim League’s National Chief Secretary Siraj Ibrahim Sait and District Head Sadiq Ali Sihab Tanjal were part of the delegation. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah was accompanied by Karnataka’s Home Minister K.K.George and Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy. The delegation had separate discussions with Home Minister K.K.George before and after the meeting with the chief minister. The delegation impressed upon the chief minister as to how the Karnataka government could legally co-operate in getting Madani released on the pretext of his deteriorating health condition.

Given the fact that even Kerala has a Congress government which does not have a majority on its own and is supported by the Muslim League has given an opportunity for the league to pressurize the government in this manner. Only about 2 months ago, Madani was out on parole and had visited Kerala for 5 days on the pretext of the marriage of his daughter. It was after he returned, the chief minister of Kerala began to politically pressurize the government of Karnataka to release Madani.

Abdul Nazer Madani
Abdul Nazer Madani

After its meeting with the chief minister and home minister, the delegation of the Muslism leaders of Kerala has visited the Parappana Agrahara jail and held 1 hour long discussion with the terrorist Madani. The Karnataka government, that has been caught in such political pressure, has assured the delegation that it will positively co-operate to its request to release Madani. Beyond this, the Chief Minister’s office had taken enough measures not to publicly reveal either the news or photos of the meeting of the CM with the delegation of Muslims leaders from Kerala. But the delegation of Muslim leaders upon its return to Kerala had published the news and photos of the meeting in several newspapers there, thus revealing the news about this secret meeting.

Hope of Madani’s release arose in the Kerala Congress and Muslim League circles, as soon as the Congress formed the government in Karnataka. Moreover, the fact that  Karnataka’s home Minister K.K.George, who was designated on the orders of the Congress high command, is originally from Kerala has immensely contributed to this hope.

Who is this Madani….?

Abdul Nassar Madani who was born in 1965 in Samstakota is a hardcore fanatical Muslim. Having been part of several subversive activities, he joined hands with the Pakistani terrorist group Laskhar-e-Toiba to spread the terrorists network in India.

  • He had started the Islamic Sevak Sangh to counter the Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh; But it was banned in 1993.
  • He was the prime suspect in the 1998 bomb blast in Coimbatore that had targeted Lal Krishna Advani. 60 people had died in those blasts. Was behind bars for 8 years due to this. But in 2007 the government of Kerala withdrew all the allegations against him without giving any reason.
  • After the Ayodhya movement in 1992, he lost his right leg in a blast while carrying the bombs that he had prepared.
  • A poisonous worm that never abandons its true nature, Madani made a comeback by forming a Muslim political organization, the People’s Democratic party (PDP).
  • Planned and facilitated the July 25th, 2008 Bangalore bombings where bombs went off one after other at seven densely populated areas between 1 and 3 PM.
  • Truth about Madani was revealed after a terrorist named Nassar was caught by the Bangladesh Rifles in December 2009. The Karnataka Police, that had gathered lots of evidence against Madani, had to wait with folded hands for several days in Kerala to arrest him.
  • Even the top ranking officials of the state police force had to struggle to placate the Kerala government and its police. The Kerala government which had to co-operate in arresting a known traitor, hid behind lame reasons like “possibility of communal flare up”, “let the independence day get over”, “let Ramzan get over”, etc. Eventually the Karnataka government had to approach the Supreme Court too. Back in Kerala, Madani did not sit silently. He secured himself by building a kind of a fort made of 4 thousand to 6 thousand Muslim youths around him, thereby throwing a challenge to the police. He had close-circuit cameras installed throughout the route, to get any clues about the police arriving to arrest him. In a expedient operation, the Karnataka police finally were successful in arresting Madani.


Sinister Plot of Madani

Blacken the prestige of Bangalore, a growing IT hub that now has international recognition, and thereby trigger a slump in the economy of the country. Using this situation to trigger a communal riot and thereby establish anarchy was the hidden purpose of the serial bomb blasts of July 25th, 2008 in Bangalore. The police learned about this sinister plot after Riziuddin Nazir, a resident of Hyderabad, and his accomplice were arrested in Hubli. 

The state’s home ministry itself was startled when it came to light that a Jehadi network had spread it tentacles in the state. It has been proved that the terrorist Nasir is the prime suspect in this heinous plot. But he himself has also confessed that the ‘mastermind’ of this is Kerala’s Madani. It was Madani who instigated Nasir to undergo terrorist training and bomb making in a land that was bought with the claim of growing ginger. Madani had personally met Nasir at Hostota in Coorg and guided him. Karnataka police have concrete evidence to prove that even after the bomb blasts in Bangalore, Madani had met Nasir in Kerala and had suggested him to escape and hide in Bangladesh.




1 thought on “Congress Govt in Karnataka working overtime to get terrorist Abdul Nazer Madani released?

  1. Congress Government has always been soft towards terrorists and terrorism instead of taking a hard stand. To name few;
    None of the Congress Government leaders responded to the hate speech delivered by MIM MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi.
    Kerala Government assembly passes resolution in favour of Madani.
    Digvijay Singh as usual accuses RSS.
    Manishankar Ayyer says that ‘Our fight not against Pakistan, but against Hindutva’.
    Our Home Minister speaks on ‘Hindu Terrorism’ and not ‘Muslim Terrorism’.
    So, lot more can be expected from this Government.

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