Perumbavoor, Kerala: In a sacrilegious act, a heavily pregnant cow was botched by a butcher of the Muslim community, right in front of the Perumbavoor Dharmashasta temple. The butcher reportedly had offered prayers, which is supposed to part of Islamic rites, before the butchering is done. Members of the Hindu community and Nair Service Society swarmed the area and caught hold of the butcher. The hurt and enraged crowd vented their ire on the butcher. He has been tied up. There is wide spread agitation in the place, with shops being razed and 4 police vans have also been destroyed. A hartal has been called for in Kunnathunaadu Taluk, where Perumbavoor is situated.

Police have arrived at the spot, with the area being cordoned off completely. The body of the cow has been removed from the site, following which the temple re-opened.  Former Municipal Chairperson, NC Mohan, MLA Saju Paul were amongst the first to arrive at the scene. The present Municipal Chairperson Salam has not yet arrived at the spot as situation is extremely tense. The arrival of the District Collector is being awaited for further action to be taken.

The cow that was heavily pregnant had wandered into the vicinity of the temple and was given water by the local Hindus. It was allowed to rest there in peace. However, in the afternoon, the butcher seized the opportunity to make his kill, when no one was around. According to a few helpless lady eyewitnesses, the butcher arrived at the scene with the Mullaka, offered prayers, which is supposed to part of Islamic rites, before the butchering is done. By the time he began the butchering, right in front of the temple, a swarm of Hindus arrived.

The Mullaka managed to escape, while the butcher was caught immediately. He has been tied up. The duo, whose names have not been disclosed yet belongs to Kuttipadam and Allapra. “This should never have been done. The cow was pregnant. These people think they can do and getaway with anything!” said a deeply outraged devotee.


5 thoughts on “Cow Butchered within temple premises in Kerala: Situation Tense

  1. Perumbavoor was a very peaceful place which lot of business and also camped lot of people from other stats who is working in differnt fields.

    I also condemn the above acts, which no one can justify, and who is behind should be punished, and this shouldn’t disturb the harmoney of different religion in our place.

    The above was not planned by any religion, and I belive the stupid man was trying to steal the cow.. It shouldn’t be read more than this, and this issue shouldn’t go beyond this level.

    thank you and best regards

  2. Hi Brother,
    “The cow that was heavily pregnant had wandered into the vicinity of the temple and was given water by the local Hindus. It was allowed to rest there in peace.” Are you very sure that only Local Hindu’s used to feed the cow with water and things?. Are you very sure the cow has never been fed by a Muslim Man from Perumbhavur?. Plz stop spreading this kind of cheap numbers. Looks so cheap.

    The incident that happened is so unfortunate. Plz stop taking advantage of such situation. You will be the only looser.

    Now the Actual Story :-

    The the Person who Slaughters the Cow is Butcher. He Actually bought the Cow for Slaughtering it. Unfortunately the cow just run away from his shop just before slaughtering and it went to the Temple Premises. Perumbavur is the main supplier of Beef to Ernakulam District and most of the people in Perumbavur is engaged in this business.
    So its just his Property. And the cow just fall there in front of the Temple and it was dying. According to Muslim, a dead meat is considered to be non consumable unless it is slaughtered in the proper way. So he did it without loosing anytime. It was his complete ignorance and foolishness to do it in front of the temple. It was not fed by any Hindu’s or any1. It was a cow which was brought to a slaughter House, which ran away from there.

    And the Great News is that the cow was not a cow. Its a Buffalo

    The Tension was created by BJP, RSS and Shiv Sena Members, the saw this as the great opportunity to build up there reputation in kerala. If you observe during last several months in social networking sites Yuva Morcha subsidiary of BJP was trying to concise people to protest against the Slaughtering of Cows in Kerala.

  3. Jasim is a big liar….Its a cow….I myself have seen it….Even in the above picture you can see that it is not a buffallo……buffalo’s colour is pitch black and have curved horns….Even in Ibn news its stated that its a cow…..Also the story jasim narrates is a lie….The cow is a wandering one along the temple’s premises and it was resting in temple premises when the butcher sees it and butchered it….At that time only a few women were present and it is only after they alerted the men,people saw it and manhandled the butchers….

  4. Hi Jassim, thank GOD that the cow didnt entered the temple before falling down. If so the butcher might have slaughtered it inside the temple complex ‘without loosing time’. Arguments should have some kind of foundation.


  5. Jasim was a liar and he too booked under conspiracy..Because he justify the brutal act…With Out any doubt its a cow.more over its a pregnant cow…
    No way to justify the act.

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