Pyata Venkateswarlu

Pyata Venkateswarlu
RSS Sar Karyavaha Mananiya Bhayya Ji Joshi (Suresh Joshi) who was on tour of Paschima Andhra Pranta came to Bhagya Nagar and on this eve a meeting was held at Rashtriya Vidya Kendra on 7th and 8th January, 2012. In the morning of 8th January, 2012 elections were held for Akhila Bharata Pratinidhi Sabha members.
Announcing the outcome of elections Sri Parvata Rao, Kshetra Sangha Chalak stated that:-
  • Mananiya Pyata Venkateswara Rao has been elected as new Pranta Sangha Chalak of Paschima Andhara Prantam. He was Pranta Saha Sangha Chalak since 2005.
  • Mananiya T V Deshmukh has been anounced as member of Kshetra Karyakarini. He was Pranta Sangha Chalak for the past 18 years.
Sri Pyata Venkateswara Rao was born in Bhagya Nagaram on 04.01.1946 and joined RSS in 1967. Initially he held responsibility as Mukhya Sikshak and eventually held various responsibilities during the last 44 years such as Mandala Karyavaha, Bhag Karyavaha of Barkatpura Bhag, Saha karyavaha of Bhagya nagaram vibhag and Vibhag Sangah chalak.
Sri Pyata Venkateswara Rao a music lover is also a singer. He retired as superintendent engineer in PWD department and ever since devoted additional time to Sangh karyam.

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