Dr V S Acharya

Bangalore Feb 14: First politician to ban system of carrying faeces in Karnataka (ಮಲ ಹೊರುವ ಪದ್ದತಿ), Dr VS Acharya expires in Bangalore today. Dr Acharya headed the  First elected body by Jansangh in South India, the Udupi Municipality in 1968, after 40 years in 2008, BJP came to power. Dr Acharya brought several youngsters to Jansangh, BJP who reached different top positions in the party. Dr Acharya was a rare politician with highest committment for Dalits, OBCs and poor. He was the first man to ban the system of carrying faeces in Karnataka.

Twadeeyaaya Kaaryaya Baddhaa Kateeyam, was the slogan adopted by Udupi Municipality as per directed by Dr VS Acharya.

Dr V S Acharya

Dr. Vedavyas Srinivas Acharya was a senior BJP leader of Karnataka state. He was the Higher education Minister in the Government of Karnataka Formerly he had served as minister of medical education and animal husbandry in the BJP-JDS coalition government.

He is a native of Udupi and a physician by profession. His father was Katte Vyasa Acharya, a Sanskrit scholar. He started his political career in the erstwhileBharatiya Jana Sangh (predecessor of Bharatiya Janata Party).

He was elected as a municipal councillor, then as president in Udupi municipal council in 1968. This was the first ever win of elected body in South India by the Jan Sangh. Udupi municipal council is the local governing body of Udupi town in coastal Karnataka. The BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani has recently told that the Jan Sangh victory in 1968 of Udupi municipal council laid foundation for BJP rule in south India, particularly the state of Karnataka in 2008, forty years later. He was elected as a member of the Karnataka legislative assembly (M.L.A) in 1983.

He has been a member of legislative council (M.L.C) of Karnataka state since 2002.

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