Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has been working for the upliftment of the Society with various activities and one such  project is  Gram Vikas.

We wish each Gram (Village) should be free from alcohoic or drug addictions, crimes (if at all, it should be settled at village level), untouchability, lack of primary education, unemployment, dependency, unhygienic condition etc. Here, the Vikas is not the term given for the development,  as generally used for the facility or infrastructure available. Vikas means people participation in the all-round development, such as  social harmony, self sufficient in all aspects – ie  basic education, health facility, employment, panchayats etc.

Few villages had taken up as pilot projects few years ago and are now showing the result. To name a few in Karnataka –

1. Idkidu, near Mangalore

2. Narsipura –

3. Kalladka

4. Konaje

5. Paltadi ….. etc.

Now, we wish to expand this activity to many more villages and following centres have been identified for Gram Vikas in the surrounding villages.

1. Mysore Jilla HD Kote Taluk Saragooru Centre
2. Chamarajanagar Jilla Chamarajanagar Taluk Badanakuppe Kendra
3. Chamarajanagar Jilla Kollegala Taluk Chilakavadi Kendra
4. Chamarajanagar Jilla Kollegala Taluk Kaudalli Kendra
5. Mandya Jilla Mandya Taluk Kottatti Kendra
6. Mandya Jilla Mandya Taluk Keregodu Kendra
7. Mandya Jilla Mandya Taluk Chandagala Kendra
8. Hasan Jilla Sakaleshpur Taluk Yesalorru Kendra
9. Hasan Jilla Belur Taluk Arehalli Kendra
10. Tumkur Jilla Tumkur Taluk Palasandra Kendra

11. Tumkur Jilla Gubbi Taluk Somlapur Kendra
12. Tumkur Jilla Turuvekere Taluk Sampige Kendra
13. Tumkur Jilla Madhugiri Taluk Chennamallenahalli Kendra
14. Tumkur Jilla Pavagad Taluk Siddapur Kendra
15. Kolar Jilla Kolar Taluk Hodalavadi Kendra
16. Kolar Jilla Kolar Taluk Arabhikottanooru Kendra
17. Kolar Jilla Srinivaspur Taluk Kolattooru Kendra
18. Chikkaballapur Jilla Chikkaballapur Taluk Kondenahalli Kendra
19. Chikkaballapur Jilla Bagepalli Taluk Somanathpur Kendra
20. Bangalore Gramantar Jilla Nelamangala Taluk Narasipur Kendra
21. Bangalore Gramantar Jilla Nelamangala Taluk Kasaragatta Kendra

We wish Professionals  take active part in this noble cause by facilitating the expertise.
Our expectation is – to be part of the team, visit every weekend (if 2 persons share, then alternate week – so that every weekend one person will visit), witness the activities  and contribute in our capacity.
Those who wish to get associated with this noble cause, may contact –
Sri Gururaj, – 9845409558 and
Sri Venkatesh Nayak – 9480075149, who are the Program Coordinators of  Gram Vikas.


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