RSS slams Government’s actions

13 Jun 2011, TIMES NOW

The RSS on Monday (June 13) questioned the government’s attack on the people’s panel, specifically on Anna Hazare. The RSS said the the government should stop making baseless allegations against anti-corruption leaders.

RSS spokesperson Ram Madhav today said, “It is time leaders in the Government and Congress stopped such silly and baseless charges against leaders of the anti-corruption movement, whether it is Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdev.”

“This whole effort smacks of a sinister conspiracy to protect all corrupt people . It seems that the government is not serious about the issues that have been or are being raised by the leaders of these movements and the people at large. They keep finding lame excuses.”

He added, “The important thing today is there is corruption, there is black money and there is zero tollerance for these things in society.”

The RSS’s reaction comes after Anna Hazare wrote a four page letter to Congress President Sonia Gandhi asking her to rein in her ministers and not make baseless charges against him.

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