Rashtreeya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) all set to organise mammoth Hindu Samajotsav programmes in all District and Taluk Headquarters  of Karnataka in the month of December to rekindle the spirit of Hindutva.

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Purpsose of Hindu Samajotsav

  • Ram Temple of Ayodhya

The struggle for reconstruction of Ram temple at Ayodhya, continuing from last six centuries, has taken a new turn today. Allahabad High court has reconfirmed the disputed site as the birth place of Sri Ram in its verdict. Despite the availability of thousands of  documents supporting the claim of Hindus, political leaders of the Indian Government are delaying hounouring of truth and justice.  To fulfil the wishes of people,  resolve of Saints and sacrifices of devotees of Shri Ram in the struggle, a magnificient temple at the birth place of Ram should be built.  This is possible only when a strong public opinion is formed in favour of the temple.

  • Kashmir Imbroglio

Kashmir is an integral part of India. Along with the present Jammu and Kashmir state,  Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) and Aksai Chin which is in the control of China also belongs to India. Every Indian considers Kashmir as part of India justly because of thousands of years of cultural relationship. Still, because of conspiracy of Pakistan, intolerance of Islamic fundamentalists and because of lack of political resolve in India, people of Jammu and Kashmir are suffering. More than 7 lakhs of Hindus have been driven out of their homes. They are living as refugees in their own country. Kashmir women are facing credible threat to their hounour and life. Thousands of temples in Kashmir have been desecrated. The terrorism of Kashmir valley is spreading to Jammu and Ladakh. Present Indian government is showing signs of surrendering to the terms and conditions of separatists. International powers  – China and USA – are also interefering in the Kashmir affairs. Awareness about Kashmir has to increase. India should not expect others to solve its problems. Kashmir problem is the problem of every citizen. Only when all of us pledge our support in a single voice, there is a hope for a just solution for the resolution of Kashmir problem.

  • Hindu Terrosrism ?: a vote bank conspiracy

Shortsighted Indian politicians who are eager to consolidate Muslim vote bank for their political future have initiated a smear campaign labelling Hindu organizations as terror organizations. Those Hindu opponents who had targeted Baba Ramdev and  Kanchi Pontiff are now leading the false campaign against RSS.  This attempt, to link RSS which is spearheading thousands of social initiatives, with the globally acknowledged evil of terrorism,  is aimed at weakening the morality of Hindu organizations. In this context, Hindu organizations have determined to face this onslaught in a democratic way.  Opposition to  this conspiracy by all just loving people has become a requirement of the day.

Details of the Hindu Samajotsava Programmes to be held in Bangalore


Date:  Sunday, 12th December, 2010

Venue:  Malleswaram Play Grounds

Time:  4.15pm, Shobha Yatre: 2.30pm

Contact:  9448891472


Date:  Sunday, 19th December, 2010

Venue:  MES Ground, Jayanagara

Time:  4.15pm, Shobha Yatre: 2.30pm

Contact:  9844454949


Date:  Sunday, 19th December, 2010

Venue:  RBNAMS Grounds

Time:  4.15pm, Shobha Yatre: 2.30pm

Contact:  9845355727

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