Maharashtra DROUGHT RELIEF 2013
RSS Janakalyan Samiti Maharashtra



  • Several districts in Maharashtra are facing sever drought condition , believed to be more sever than the 1972 drought.  There is acute shortage of even drinking water in districts of Solapur , Ahmednagar, Satara, Sangli , parts of Pune and Nashik.  In Maharashtra currently 1454 towns and 4100 villages are supplied with 1850 tankers of water , as compared to (11 th Feb 2012) 181 towns and 976 villages with 190 tankers.


  • Due to acute water shortage maintaining cattle has become a daunting issue for the locals.  Animal camps are setup for this purpose. A member of family has to stay at this camp along with his cattle.  Gents in the animal camp and ladies engaged to manage for water along with the daily chores , the school going children are left on their own.  Managing meal/tif fin for the children has also become an issue.  Along with tackling current drought issue , steps also have to be taken to avoid such situations in future.









  • Total requirement 2 Crore 30 Lac Rupees.
  • How can you support? Give time and efforts for the actual field work Planning and implementation for Long-term solution Generate awareness about drought and water preservation in your neighborhood and corporates. Generate funds

Following supply is needed for at least 3 months April-May-June

  •  Donate- Cattle feed (supplementary food) – Rs. 500 per Month/per cattle
  • Donate – Cattle Grass (Basic food) – Rs. 1000 per cattle for 2 weeks
  • Donate – 12,000 Lit Water Tanker per Trip – Rs. 2000/
  • Donate – Student Tif fin + Travel Pass(1month) – Rs. 2000/
  • Donate- 1000 Lit. Water Tank for Storage – Rs. 4000/
  • Donate- 5000 Lit. Water Tank for Storage – Rs. 20,000/
  • Donate 10 Ton (1 Truck load) Cattle feed – Rs. 1 .5 Lakhs


  • All the donations are eligible for Tax exemption under 80 G.
  • RSS Janakalyan Samiti – Bank Account No. 20057103852 , Bank of Maharashtra , Tilak road branch – Savings Account. IFSC Code- MAHB0000041
    ‘Bhageshwar Niwas’, 1609, 
    Sadashive Peth, Tilak Road, 
    Pune – 411 030, 
    Phone : (020) 24324071 ,
    Fax. : (020) 24325577

About RSS Janakalyan Samiti:

Draught of 1970 that the Maharashtra witnessed was a challenge to all the strata of society and Government as well. Understanding the need of the hour; every government machinery was geared up to be utilized  to its fullest capacity, by then chief minister of Maharashtra Mr. Vasantrao Naik. Foreseeing the limitations that any Government has the group of people aware of their social responsibility came forward and formed a forum to fight the severe draught .It was named as ‘R.S.S Dushkal Nivaran  Samitee’ [ R.S.S. Draught Eradication Committee] .And this time again RSS remain true to the bond of  trust that their work had facilitated to the common people. And the people too were motivated to join the helping hands by contributing in every possible way. The people of every section and class of the society were part of it. No matter how big a personality was the ‘name and fame’ was kept aside and everybody worked as a part of this committee, as  a true sincere volunteer devoted to the social cause. While working as and for people, the socially acclaimed forgot their social status and utilized their experience and expertise for fighting the unforgettable challenge that they and their fellow beings were exposed to. Even the Government had to acknowledge the torch bearing devotion, compassion and promptness at work in the form of this forum.
Soon people won over the natural calamity by facing it united. As the draught started withdrawing, the people started relaxing with the due sense of achievement but the unstoppable energies at work in the form of the Samitee were not ready to relax, as it would have been dishonoring the human efforts which was ready to be utilized. A strong thought was sustaining that there was tremendous capacity to be utilized and it should not be just let rest helpless and be a by-watcher and helplessly see how some or the other problem or calamity hampers the human life in its totality, and that time government and other such agencies come forward and make a makeshift arrangements but it was not a full pledged solution to all the ever piling worries and troubles. As it has always been a practice that the thorough efforts loses its tempo as the severity of the problem go back on its momentum. But the devotion and the sense of responsibility on the part of these social volunteers was not a spur of the moment but an understood effort which was supported by generous hands of the society when the sincerity was duly experienced and tested.  So a major decision was taken to revive the forum into a permanent committee which would fully devote itself to the social cause with its manpower prevalent in far stretched Maharashtra relying on the goodness of generous people who have truly understood their social responsibility.So the forum was renamed and revived into RSS Jankalyan Samitee.
The members of this Samitee had understood so consistently supported the thought the areas of work should be specified and there would not be any discrimination of rural or urban area but the priority would always be given to the under privileged and the needy.The areas of ,value based education, health awareness, imbibing  self-reliance and disaster management were the key areas zeroed down.
With good strength of selfless workers available and residing in all the areas of the state the Samitee has evolved to a state level organization.

Prant karykarini 2009-2012

Dr.Ravindra Ramchandra Satalkar
Apurv, Infront of Satalkar Hospital ,
Near Delhi gate, Ahmednagar – 414 002
Ph.No.- (0241) 2323161, 2323155, Mob. 9822037261
Dr. Narendra K. Desai
15, Sukrut, 35 Tarunbharat Sahjivan Dr. B.R. Karnjiya Road,
Andheri (east), Mumbai – 400099
Ph.No. – (022) 28397848 , Mob. 9869030152
Office Secretary
Mr. Mohan Dattatray Kulkarni
Flat no. 404, B wing, Saipuram,

Near Kailas jivan Factory
Dhyari, Pune – 411 041
Mob. 9422071805

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