Former RSS Functionary Sitaram Kedilaya speaks to students at Wadi Village of Gujarat recently

Padariya Village, Gujaraj March 12, 2013: Aimed to uplift rural Indian life, the ‘Bharat Parikrama Yatra’, a mega project headed by RSS Former functionary Sitarama Kedilaya, has reached Padariya Village of Junagarh district in Gujarat on its 215th day.

Former RSS Functionary Sitaram Kedilaya speaks to students at Wadi Village of Gujarat recently
Former RSS Functionary Sitaram Kedilaya speaks to students at Wadi Village of Gujarat recently
Reaching the unreached
Reaching the unreached

Began on August 9, 2012 from Kanyakumari of Tamilnadu, 65year old RSS Pracharak Sitaram Kedilaya lead Bharat Parikrama Yatra has been aimed at the upliftment of rural life in the villages of India. The Yatra which was launched in Kanyakumari on August 9, has now covered an approximate distance of 2200km.

The Schedule of Yatra in GUAJARAT:

March 12, 2013: Padariya Villlage

March 13, 2013: Dora Village

March 14, 2013: Karena Village

March 15, 2013: Bodaka Village

March 16, 2013: Vanachara Village

March 17, 2013: Mobharoad Village

March 18, 2013: Mahuvad Village

March 19, 2013: Gambhira Village

March 20, 2013: Khinkhaload Village

March 21, 2013: Bhadaran Village

March 22, 2013: Jharola Village

March 23, 2013: Bochasan Village

March 24, 2013: Dharmaj Village

March 25, 2013: Maanaaj Village

March 26, 2013: Tarapar Village

March 27, 2013: Indrapaj Village

March 28, 2013: Vadalpara Village

March 29, 2013: Phatepara Village

March 30, 2013: Vataman Village

Scheduled, but to be confirmed, as follows

March 31, 2013: Aranej Village

April 01, 2013: Phedara Village

April 02, 2013: Dhundhaka Village

April 03, 2013: Ranavav Village

April 04, 2013: Phaliyad Village

April 05, 2013: Vinchiya Village

April 06, 2013: Jasdan Village

April 07, 2013: Dwaraka Village

April 08, 2013: Jamnagar Village

April 09, 2013: Dhrol Village

April 10, 2013: Latipur Village

April 11, 2013: Tankara Village

April 12, 2013: Morabi Village

April 13, 2013: HalapadVillage

April 14, 2013: Dhragandhra Village

April 15, 2013: Maalvan Village

April 16, 2013: Paatadi Village

April 17, 2013: DasadaVillage

April 18, 2013: Bechrazi Village

April 19, 2013: Palavasana Village

April 20, 2013: Vasaj Village

April 21, 2013: Vijapur Village

April 22, 2013: Himmathnagar

April 23, 2013: Shamlaaji Village

April 24, 2013: to enter Ratan Pur of Chiitor Pranth.

As per the current plan, the yatra is scheduled to travel in Gujarat till July, 2013.

Pejawar Seer joins Bharat Parikrama Yatra Pangaala, Karnataka Oct 29-20112

Elaborating on the yatra, Sitarama Kedilaya said that a span of about 10 kilo metres will be covered on a daily basis by foot, after which he will take rest in the village that falls in the vicinity. The primary task he has to undertake will be to get in touch with the youth and the prominent members of the village and discuss important issues like care of sick. This will include the handicapped, blind etc. Other activities like taking a round of the entire village and engaging in a collective session of prayer at the village temple. This will help create a bond of great depth with the people, which will help the villagers realize that villages were, once upon a time, a single encompassing family. However, this feeling has taken a back seat now, which has led to a whole lot of problems everywhere. This has now escalated to national and international levels. The feeling of unity, along with creation of family bonds, if brought back to villages will ensure restoration of harmony to a great extent. This could be instrumental in the rekindling of the concept of ‘Vasudha Eva Kudumbakam’. And then, the journey will resume to the next village.

Muslim Leaders welcomed Bharat Parikrama Yatra throughout its path in Karnataka, offered their full support for Gram Vikas

65 year old Sitarama Kedilaya has been, for a long time, strictly adhered to having a single meal a day. During the course of the journey, he will have no possessions or belongings with him. When asked what inspired him to undertake the endeavor at this age, that too all alone, he replied, “What makes you feel that I am alone? I have the thoughts and ideas of as many as 121 crore people with me. After all the very deed is for an all encompassing nation.”

Bharat Parikrama Yatra at Hemmady Nov 5-2012 , Kedilaya inspired govt school children

Sitaram Kedilaya has dedicated a slogan for the purpose. “Know Bharat, be Bharat and Make Bharat Vishwaguru”. The reason for the yatra is clear. The current trends that prevail are businesslike and commercial , where life is being seen only in terms of trade and profit. This unfortunately has given rise to poverty, unemployment and corruption everywhere. Another trend that prevails is that the world is now a battlefield, with life being nothing but constant strife. This thought stream has led to violence, terrorism and an existence hand with deadly weapons everywhere. This has led to deep turbulence and instability, with people all over the world making a mad scramble for any straw that will provide them with peace. And then this makes them realize that the road to solitude, ultimately happens to be Bharat. It is here that the relevance of the third and most important trend comes into being: “The world is a family and life is a revelation”.

RSS Kshethreeya Pracharak Pramukh Da Ma Ravindra walks along with Sitaram Kedilaya

Bharat has gifted this very concept to the entire world. This perception has no violence or strife. All it has is the message to live life filled with universal love, spirituality and compassion. Only this is required to pervade the entire world with harmony. The best place to initiate this is the villages. And so the endeavour is being undertaken for safeguarding villages, the country

and the entire world., the official website of RSS Karnataka for mass communication and media activities, has continuously published the updates of Bharat parikrama Yatra in Karnataka for non-stop 45 days.

RSS Sahsarakaryavah Dattatreya Hosabale met Sitarama Kedilaya during Bharat Parikrama Yatra on October 14 at Kasaragod

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