Mumbai: The SRI Chandrashekharendra Saraswathi National Eminence Award 2011( CSNE AWARD), 1 4th Award ceremony was held in Bombay on 9th Dec 2011.The Awards were conferred on senior politician Sri Murali Manohar Joshi, eminent Astro-physicist sri Jayant Narlikar, versatile film actor Dilip Kumar [ formerly called Mohamed Yusuf Khan]  and Dr. Hanif Mohamed Khan Shastri, eminent Sanskrit scholar.


The Award has been instituted by the Sri Shankara Math. Kanchi in the name of the Paramacharya of Kanchi.


While most of us  might have heard about  the achievements all the four recepients in their respective fields, for those who may not be familiar with the scholarly acihivements of Dr. Hanif Khan, here is a short biographical sketch :

Dr. Hanif Mohamed Khan Shastri [ He was given the Award for Sanskrit Promotion ] : Born in 1951, Dr. Hanif is an accomplished

Sanskrit scholar. An M.A. in Sanskrit, he is also an ‘Acharya in Puranas and was awarded Ph.D for his thesis

” Mahamantra Gayatri aur Surah Faitha Ka Arth Prayog Evam Mahatmya Ki Drishti  Se Tulanatmak Adhyayan” in 1991.

He has authored eight books and polpular among these are Mohan Geetha, Geeta aur Koran me Samajasya, Veda aur Koran, Vedo me Manav Adhikar and Meljol.

Dr. Hanif has  been striving zealously  to promote communal harmony by highlighting similarities betwwen Hindu and Muslim religions through his unique literary contributions inHindi and Sanskrit.

He is a recepient of several National Awards and his contribution to literature with particular reference to communal harmony has received worldwide acclaim.


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