A new app for news has been launched and it is called RITAM. RITAM stands for Reliable, Informative, Trusted, Authentic, Motivating.  

Ritam in Samskrita language itself means honest, and Being Right. Ritam, a news aggregator app will work amongst the users in providing the right news and will be fortefied with the following salient features.

1. Ritam is a platform possessing scores of news portal, blogs and articles. It will aggregate diverse news, views and opinions in one place.

2. Ritam will contain contents which are scrutinized to ensure authenticity.

3. Ritam can be used to get articles and news related to subjects of user’s interest.

4. Ritam is a multilingual app catering to people from different linguistic background.

5. Ritam will have an editorial which will direct the society by assimilating the news and views from diverse source.

Download the app Ritam from Google play store now and start using it.

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