16 Muslims 2 Christians returns to Hinduism

Mumbai: 16 Muslims, 2 Christians returns to Hinduism.

16 Muslims 2 Christians returns to Hinduism

17th July,2011 Mumbai :   In yet another conversion drive by  Vishwa Hindu Parishad  (VHP) in total 16 Muslims & 2 Christians converted to Hinduism here  on Sunday. The programme was organized at Hanuman Temple in Sardar Nagar Colony no.2 at Sion in Mumbai. The programme was organized by theVHP Unit of Kurla District . According to the VHP sources the local VHP activists were working over these people through various service projects launched through out Mumbai. This was the third reconversion programme by the VHP  in just a span of 3 months in Mumbai , on May 25th this year about 18 Christians from 6 Families returned to Hinduism  at Kaju Pada in Borivili East & followed by  the programme on 26th June were 30 Christians from 8 Families reconverted to Hindu religion in Filmcity ,Goregaon East. As per the VHP Sources all the participants in this programme had been Christians & Muslims since the  Birth hence it was not a reconversion.

As per the VHP Sources all of the participants who embraced Hinduism here today have already applied for the change of name in the Maharashtra state gazette & also have filed affidavits in the local courts declaring the consent to conversion to Hinduism. The programme started with Ganpathy pooja  after which all of the converts to Hinduism were given gangajal & panchagap. Post which a Yagna was performed by all the participants. While commenting  Shri .Sachin T More (VHP Kurla Chief secretary) said that “ We are already in touch with  several families who are willing to come  back to Hinduism & will hold a grand function by end of this year in a more massive scale “

The programme was also attended by Shri Rishi Goswami (VHP Sahar District Joint Chief secretary) ; Shri Venkatesh Boddul (Bajrang Dal Area Co-ordinator) ; Shri Umesh Gaikwad (VHP Division Chief); Shri Mohan Shinde & Shri Vivek Bhoir  from Hindu Janjagruti Samiti  & other local VHP & Bajrang Dal Cadres.

Source: http://www.haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=14303&SKIN=D

3 thoughts on “Mumbai : 16 Muslims & 2 Christians returns to Hinduism

  1. I am personally very happy about the movement of hindu organisation. Through reconversion we stopped the cultural damage.
    please prevent the passage of anti hindu Communal law
    2011. also stir nationwide against the minority scholarship
    which lead the conversion.
    Best Regards

  2. Congratulations – keep it up. We are not against the freedom of practicing any religion but we cannot tolerate our religion being abused to the benefit of others. Please divert some of your resources to Tamil Nadu…the menace created by Christian Missionaries is beyond belief…especially the New Life AG Church.

  3. Originally, a lot of Sikhs and Hindus were forced to convert to Islam and Christianity because; they were abused in many ways that cannot be mentioned. They are just a few that have realised their mistake. Patel’s, Desai’s, Rajput’s surname and many surnames that muslims have similar name to Sikhs and Hindus are originally Hindus. I respect all the religions, but if this is what is going to happen, then there is going to disputes all over the place. How many Muslims have converted Sikhism and Hinduism?

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