Hindu Help Line organised blood donation camps across the country on October 30. Organised under the banner of Dadhichi Blood Donation Scheme in all the states the camps were organised at more than 5,000 places. About one lakh people donated blood in the camps.

Renowned cancer surgeon and VHP general secretary Dr Pravin Togadia inaugurated one such camp at Udasin Ashram in Delhi. He said, “Those who are taking medical treatment away from their home towns face severe crisis of blood because they cannot get their relatives to donate blood at such faraway places. There are people who do not have many relatives or need more blood than that is donated by their relatives. The Hindu Help Line’s Dadhichi Blood Donation Scheme aims at fulfilling this need to some extent.”  There are reports of encouraging response from all over the country. At Devaria in Uttar Pradesh, the District Magistrate himself inaugurated the camp and in Patiala (Punjab) the SSP inaugurated as well as donated blood at the camp.

The Scheme has been tied up with Blood Banks and Hospitals all over the country. The blood received in the camps will be made available to the hospitals and the blood banks as listed with the Hindu Help Line centrally and also with the Hindu Help Line convenors at various locations. The Hindu Help Line’s motto is ‘A Reliable Friend of Hindus’. With this scheme the Hindu Help Line has taken an important step forward in extending helping hand in the case of health emergency.


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