Sri Mohan Bhagwat, RSS Sarasanghachalak

Sarsanghachalak’s social harmony mission in Nagpur Neo-Buddhist Colony

ORGANISER, by Virag Pachpore in Nagpur

Sri Mohan Bhagwat, RSS Sarasanghachalak

“Absence of a clear national vision in our leadership and crisis of true national identity amongst the common people are blocking Bharat from becoming a world leader even as the world thinkers are looking to Bharat for guidance to redeem the strife-torn world and usher in an era of mutual understanding, harmony with nature, just and durable peace and sustainable growth”, observed Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sarsanghchalak Shri Mohanrao Bhagwat in Nagpur on October 30.

He was speaking at what is described as the ‘first ever public lecture by any RSS Sarsanghachalak in North Nagpur—a predominantly Neo-Buddhists area’, organised under the aegis of Bharatiya Vichar Manch at Mahatma Gandhi Centennial Sindhi High School on Vishwa, Bharat aur Hum (World, India and We). Noted medical practitioner and president of the Manch Dr Satyaprakash Mangtani and Convener Shri Vajrabodhi Meshram, shared the dais on this occasion.

Addressing a crowded public gathering at the sprawling ground of the prominent Sindhi school in North Nagpur on October 30 Shri Bhagwat wondered how the leadership of independent Bharat failed to prepare a national vision document and share that vision with the common masses. “Each country in this world has its own national vision. The USA has it. China, when it became free under the Communists led by Mao Zedong, had prepared its vision statement. Israel and Japan rose to great heights because of their clear national vision and even a smaller country like Bangladesh, which came into existence with the help of Bharat, has its own vision. It believed that it has more population than its land could sustain. Hence, it has to acquire additional land from adjoining Assam state of Bharat and infiltration from across the Bangladesh border is well planned to fulfill that vision! It is only in case of Bharat, we find a total absence of any such vision statement”, the RSS Sarsanghachalak lamented saying that this was a painfully hurting reality.

Because of the absence of this national vision our leadership complicated the Kashmir problem by taking it to the UN; Shri Bhagwat stated adding that that was not needed when Kashmir’s accession with Bharat was full and final in 1948 itself. “Our priority then should have been to repeal the aggression of the Kabailies from across the Pakistan border and free the territory occupied by them. Instead we took that matter to international forum like the UN making it more complicated”, the RSS Sarsanghachalak clarified blaming the leadership for this fiasco.

A move to disintegrate society

Citing the recent example of the proposed draft of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill prepared by National Advisory Council and published by the Government on its official website, Shri Bhagwat took a dig at the UPA leadership. He said that on the one hand the leadership talks of encouraging emotional integration and brotherhood in different sections of the society; they highlight the unity in diversity as unique quality of the society, but on the other hand the same leadership intends to disintegrate the society by bringing such legislations which is opposed by any patriotic Bharateeya. Even most of the Chief Ministers, social and political leaders have voiced their opposition to this draft bill.

Raising the doubts at the intentions of the NAC for bringing such draft legislation, the RSS Sarsanghachalak sought to know as to how people against whom the Supreme Court had passed strictures, were inducted as members of NAC! Some others have links with Pakistan, though, of course, some members were good. He further said that we were not following the Constitution which was drafted by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar to keep the Bharateeya society together, in its letters and spirit both.

Crisis of identity

This government was non-transparent, insensitive and dry to the people and their problems.  This government was even trying to subvert the Right to Information Act, the RSS Sarsanghachalak cautioned the people. The government was trying to create an atmosphere of distrust and keep the society fighting against each other. That is because they have their personal interests on top of the agenda than the nation. Their vision was blurred while hearts were weak.

And what is the position of Bharateeya society? There are differences within our society on issues of castes, languages, religions and provinces and these differences were increasing day by day. We don’t even follow the traffic rules then how we will teach and guide the world, Shri Bhagwat wondered.

Do we consider ourselves as sons and daughters of Bharat Mata or just a member of a particular sect or religion? We take pride in our ‘unity in diversity’ but do we really experience this inherent unity? This land is our motherland and not just a property to be exchanged at a certain cost. We must develop affection, warmth about the water, land, forest, animals and all living beings of our country. Our forefathers who gave the humanity a way of righteous living should be our ‘role models’. We must take pride in being called as their descendents. We are Bharateeyas and belong to that great cultural heritage which saw the universe as one family, the RSS Sarsanghachalak stressed in his address.

Quoting noted Communist leader Manvendra Nath Roy, Bhagwat said that we must try to awaken the ‘country first’ attitude among the common man if Bharat were to become a world leader in coming decades. We must start from our own self. We must give time to our family, society and country, give up our differences and forge unity of the people. Our identity is Bharatiya and none other. We must understand this very clearly, Shri Bhagwat exhorted the crowded audience. If we followed this ‘Rashtra dharma’, cared for the country daily, and increase the tribe of such patriotic families our country would become great to lead the world, Shri Bhagwat stated.

Development breeds exploitation

Bharat needs Bharateeya thought more than the world needs them today, he said. Stating that the world has made great strides in material progress with the help of scientific inventions and discoveries converting this world into a global village, Shri Bhagwat said that there has been increase in exchange of strategic, cultural, economic and ideologies in the recent past. Similarly there have been attempts to establish supremacy over the world and its resources.

As the facilities increased, so were the problems for the mankind. Vested interests, fundamentalism, terrorism, violence, and attempts to take over the natural resources of the world. Presently, the USA and China are in this race and because of that the other nations including Bharat were facing war-like situation. Pollution has posed a great threat to the existence of mankind and the bio-diversity.

Conversions on the gunpoint or by allurement were rampant and even God was converted into a market commodity. In the last 2000 years numerous ways to make human being happy, prosperous and peaceful were tested but they had all failed. That is why the world was looking at Bharat today for guidance, he explained.
Quoting from an article “The Starry Universe” the RSS Sarsanghachalak said that the author of this article has categorically stated that human mind should be made the medium of achieving happiness and for the study of human mind and its complexities we would have to turn to Bharat and other Eastern nations. We need to study ‘Yogvashishtha’, Buddha, etc. The author of “The 11th Hour”, Shri Bhagwat said, wrote that the theory of contract was at the root of the conflict between development and environment, man has only taken from the nature. He did not reciprocate. He did not use his discretion while using science for his benefits. There is enough in the nature for your need but not sufficient to fulfill your greed.

Understand nature-universe relationship

There is a definite relationship between nature and universe and that relation is biological. We all are parts of this universe and we must attain our development not at the cost of others but by taking all together with us. This principle was in vogue in Bharat since ages and even today over 60 per cent of Bharateeya society follows this dictum. The Western thinkers are well aware of this reality. Therefore, they are looking to Bharat for guidance and redemption. They are also waiting for Bharat to stand on its own thought to lead the world, Shri Bhagwat stressed.

Know RSS

Referring to comments about RSS’ role and support to movements against corruption launched by Baba Ramdev or Anna Hazare in the recent past, the RSS Sarsanghachalak lamented the practice of political leadership and media to brand RSS as ‘untouchable’ in national scenario. “We are open to constructive criticism. The RSS has been the social and cultural life of this country for last 87 years serving the society in times of distress without any discrimination. Those who criticise us do not take pains to know and understand RSS”.

The RSS Sarsanghachalak appealed to such critics to “come and join the RSS, observe it from close quarters, understand it and then criticise. We welcome constructive criticism”, he added.

He exhorted the people not to lose heart, and accept the challenge to make Bharat a world leader in the coming decades by having strong, unshakable faith in our ethos, cultural moorings and by arousing staunch nationalist attitude.

Earlier, the RSS Sarsanghachalak was received by the prominent personalities of the locality. He was welcomed by Dr Satyaprakash Mangtani who proposed vote of thanks and Shri Vajrabodhi Meshram who made the introductory remarks. Corporator Alka Sherkule presented a solo song “Bharat hamari Maa hai”. The programme came to an end with the singing of national anthem.

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