Dr Pravin Togadia, VHP Chief

New Delhi, December 1, 2012: After taking 2 Indian kids of tender age 3 & 4 into unlawful custody snatching them from their parents earlier this year, now the Norway police hav

e arrested another Indian couple for what the police term as ‘Maltreatment to children’. Chandrasekhar Vallabhaneni, a Software Engineer from Andhra Pradesh & father of a 7 year old boy & the boy’s mother – an employee in the Indian Embassy in Oslo have been unlawfully detained by Norway police because they told the boy that they would sent him back to India for wetting his pants in school bus.

Dr Pravin Togadia, VHP Chief

Reacting strongly on it, VHP International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia said, “This is a classic case of purposeful & motivated maltreatment by Norway Govt to Hindus. Rather than arresting the parents, the Norway police should have arrested the school authorities / school bus managers for creating the situation of fear where the child did pant wetting in the bus. But Norway has been vicious to Indian Hindu parents even before. They object to feeding the child curd-rice, making the child comfortable in giving him / her parental love while sleeping & they object to anything & everything that is a normal cultural & religious practice of Hindus & even other Indians from the time even before the Norwegian systems were born.

Norway themselves could not discipline their own youth in his childhood who later on went on to kill over 90 youth in their own country & they teach Indians the child care! Even in the earlier case, the Norway Govt has violated human rights of Hindu parents & also the child rights by snatching little kids & handing them over to the Christian foster homes. This is motivated human rights violation & the Govt of India must immediately act on it rather than giving fake promises. In the first case of taking away 2 kids, Indian Govt did not take stricter actions & therefore now the Norway police have become bold enough to arrest the parents for trying to discipline their kid in their traditional way. It is not just the ignorance about Indian culture; but also the purposeful insult to Hindu traditions.”

Dr Togadia further demanded:

1. The new External Affairs Minister Salman Khursheed has termed Norway action illegal, but has not filed any legal objection in the United Nations Human Rights Commission or in the International Court against the action of Norway Govt. He should immediately get this done.

2. Many Norwegian companies & organizations operate in Bharat & earn billions of dollars. Until both the cases on Indian parents are immediately withdrawn & the kids handed over to the parents, Govt of India should ask these companies to shut down their operations in Bharat. It has been observed time & again that the US to UK & many other nations compel Bharat to make certain policy decisions based on corporate pressure groups of their companies. It is time that Govt of India uses its diplomatic brains to force Norway to stop hurting Indians anymore.

3. If Norway does not release the Andhra Pradesh couple immediately withdrawing all cases against them in 48 hours, we appeal all in Bharat to peacefully & democratically boycott all Norwegian products & companies. We will peacefully demonstrate in front of Norwegian High Commission in Bharat as a beginning.

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