Swamy Vivekananda special T-Shirts

Bangalore November 29, 2012: Being a Techie by profession, an RSS Swayamsevak of Bangalore has come up with new Idea to spread the message of Swamy Vivekananda to the youth of the nation during the special occasion of Vivekananda’s

150th Birth Anniversary year. He has not selected the social media platforms which is a common place to share social concerns, but he tried differently to execute his idea . When VSK asked him about his endeavor the young man said, “Wear a T-Shirt, Send Out a Message!”

Chested! With Vivekananda’s Image on chest, Youth feel themselves inspired.

“You may have come across a lot of messages through various mediums like social networking sites, newspapers, radio and television. You may also have sent out numerous messages through your Facebook or Twitter account. But have you ever thought of spreading messages through your T-shirts?” he asks an youth.

Swamy Vivekananda Special T-Shirts

“Now you can send out exotic messages by wearing T-shirts, specially designed by VruX (Pronounced as Vruksh). VruX has come up with an array of T-shirts with patriotic messages. The latest series conveys the wisdom of India’s visionary monk Swami Vivekananda, as a tribute on his 150th birth anniversary. Now you too can pay tributes to the visionary by becoming a “vehicle” to spread his wisdom” says the techie Swayamsevak.

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Contact: 09742980001

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