NAGPUR:  Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat exhorted the activists of Sanskar Bharati to promote arts and encourage artists for inculcating values in the society so that the society could muster courage, resolve and determination to face any challenge in the future.

Shri Bhagwat was addressing the audience at jam-packed Sai Sabhagriha in Nagpur on August 23, at a programme organised by Sanskar Bharati to commemorate 25 years of its Nagpur unit. Patron of Sanskar Bharati Shri Yogendraji, president of Sanskar Bharati and noted Marathi film director Shri Raj Datt, secretary Shri Kamtanath Vaishampayan, president of Vidarbha unit Shri Rajendra Jaiswal, president of Nagpur Mahanagar unit Smt Kanchan Gadkari and working president Shri Virendra Chandak were also present on the dais.

The programme began with lighting the traditional lamp by the guests and dignitaries. The RSS Sarsanghachalak was felicitated by Sanskar Bharati president Shri Raj Datt with shawlsrifaland tulsi sapling. Patron of Sanskar Bharati, the nonagenarian Yogendraji who came especially for this programme all the way from Itanagar, was honoured at the hands of Shri Bhagwat, who offered him shawl, shrifal and a citation. Similarly, Shri Raj Datt, Shri Kamtanath Vaishampayan and  Shri Rajendra Jaiswal were felicitated.

Highlighting the Hindu view of arts the RSS Chief said “the Hindus always regarded arts as exposition of truth, benevolence and beauty (satyam, shivam, sundaram). The art unveils the truth enabling the performer to access its benevolence and beauty. Beauty dispenses happiness. Therefore, art should be beautiful and it should tell the truth in its attempt to realise benevolence (shivatva). The happiness index of human life is directly proportional to the amount of truth, benevolence and beauty. This is the basic objective of art.”

He appealed to the Sanskar Bharati to encourage the artists to spread these virtues and establish this Hindu view of arts in the entire world. This is the mission of Sanskar Bharati, he said.

Congratulating Sanskar Bharati Nagpur for completing 25 years Shri Bhagwat said the four-step yardstick of programme, project, influence and effect was used to judge the total effect of any work. But actual work was beyond these four dimensions, which could be experienced only. Therefore, Shri Bhagwat exhorted the Sanskar Bharati to introspect and evaluate the work done.

He said the situation in the country was disturbing and worrisome but by spreading and promoting sanskars through arts, this situation could be changed for the better. This required strength and determination, the RSS Chief said.

Stating that sanskars were connected more to the heart than intellect, Shri  Bhagwat said that art was all the more important because it could inspire the human being for actions to seek happiness in life. He congratulated Sanskar Bharati for providing platform to talented and young artists and keeping the tradition on the move.

Replying to felicitation, Yogendraji expressed his serious concern about the situation in Assam and other north-eastern states. However, he was all praise for the activists of Sanskar Bharati working in that remote region for their success in keeping the flame of nationalism burning in the hearts of the young generation there.

Yogendraji said that Sanskar Bharati has registered its presence effectively in all the 8 states of the north-east region of India. He appealed to the people of Vidarbha to visit Arunachal Pradesh to see and experience the cultural and emotional unity of the country.

A breath-taking and spectacular cultural programme was staged by the artists of Sanskar Bharti depicting various aspects of the Indian culture and traditions through songs, dance and on-act plays. The cultural programmes included naandi gayan, Ganesh vandana, kala utpattigondhal, Sikkim’s dance, shrimant yogimanglagauri geetkoli dances, and Rabindra Sangeet and Raag Vrinda.

By Virag Pachpore, in ORGANISER

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