Indian American Hindus protesting at New York

From, Narain Kataria New York

New York: A massive Protest by 100 strong Indian American Hindus was organized by Indian American Intellectuals Forum in New York September 2nd near Indian Consulate to express their repugnance and  revulsion against  burning of Hindu villages by Bangladeshi Muslims in collusion with Muslims from Assam and West Bengal and making thousands of  Hindus (Bodos) refugees in their own country.

Indian American Hindus protesting at New York


The Protesters said that India is in danger.  After Kashmir Radical Islam is taking over Assam in the North East.  Jihad is spreading far and wide.

The Protesters also expressed their abhorrence at the inaction and apathy on the part of Government of India in handling the riots in Mumbai by 50,000 Muslims, who, armed with petrol cans and plastic bottles, hockey sticks, iron rods, damaged the police vans,  stole their guns and ammunition, injured more than 50  policemen, molested the policewomen, burnt the City’s transport system, smashed journalists’ TV cameras, vandalized War Memorial and held the entire Mumbai City to ransom, in the broad day light.

The Protesters held responsible the ruling Congress Government of India for  not taking stern action against Kashmiri Muslim militants who fought pitched battles with India’s security forces in the month of Ramadan, chopped of one Hindu teacher’s hand in Rajasthan, killed one Hindu boy in Kerala, attacked TV journalists in Lucknow,  did not allow Hindus to celebrate the Birth Day of Lord Krishana (Janamashthami) in Ranchi, and in cooperation with Pakistani Muslims sent thousands of SMS messages to North East residents in Bengaluru,  Pune, and Hyderabad and threatened them to leave these cities otherwise they would be killed.

Instead of punishing the perpetrators of the above mentioned crimes, Congress Government banned Hindu websites, facebook and twitter.

The Protesters also blamed the Congress Party of Sonia Gandhi for taking income from Hindu temples and giving it to Muslims to build mosques, run Madrassas and go to Mecca for Haj.

Every month 20-25 Hindu girls are abducted by Muslims, forcibly converted to Islam and married to Muslim men.  The Congress  Government is doing nothing to ameliorate the miserable plight of these unfortunate girls.

Half a million Kashmiri Hindus have been ethnically cleansed from the  Kashmir Velley, but the Government of India is taking no action to resettle them back in the Valley.

Infiltration by Bangladeshi Muslims tantamount to an invasion of India by foreigners sponsored by Congress Party, Communist Party and supported by Jihadists inAssam and West Bengal.  The aim of this  insidious  design is to keep Congress in power and help Muslims to Islamize India.

Mr. Tathagata Roy, an erudite scholar and  former Prof. of Engineering and former President of BJP, West Bengal who was on a visit to New York was surprised to see so many Hindus protesting against Islamization of Assam and appreciated their vigor  and vitality.

The Protest was supported by Mr. Gaurang Vaishanav of  Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America,  Mr. Satya Dosapati of Hindu Human Rights Watch, Dr. Kumar Arun of India Heritage Foundation, Lansing, Michigan and Panun Kashmir International.   The unique feature of this Protest was that it was supported by non-Hindu American groups such as “Stop Islamization of America” of Pamela Geller, “Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam” of Dr. Marvin Belsky, “The United West”  of Mr. Stuard Kaufman, and several other groups.

A copy of the Memorandum addressed to the Prime Minister of India, Shri Manmohan Singh was sent by email to the Consul General of India.  It will be formally sent to him by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested today.

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To the deafening chants of “Save India from Islam,” the Indian Hindu people gathered today on 5th Avenue by the Indian consulate in New York City to protest the relentless jihad against the free and brave nation.

Sept. 2, 2012. A protest against the Indian Congress that is Anti-Hindu and Pro-Islam at US.

India has long suffered at the hands of jihadists. At least 80 million Hindus have been slaughtered in jihadi wars. Centuries of persecution, oppression, genocide.

The history of India is teeming with Muslim monsters such as Timur the Terrible, who paraphrased the Koran: “‘O prophet, make war against the infidels and treat them severely.’ My great object in invading Hindustan (India) had been to wage a religious war against the infidel Hindus.” And he did. Hundreds of thousands of Hindus were beheaded and towers made of their skulls. The warrior Babur was particularly fond of raising higher and higher towers of Hindu heads that the Muslims had cut off during and after every battle. He loved to sit in his royal tent and watch this spectacle. On one such occasion, the ground flowed with so much blood “and became so filled with quivering carcasses that his tent had to be moved thrice to a higher level.” (That’s from The Koran and the Kafir, by A. Ghosh.) He only missed the “merit” of demolishing temples and breaking symbols and images because his predecessor Firuz Tughlak hardly left any for him in the territories he traversed.

The record of jihad in India is extremely and unimaginably bloody. Mahmud of Ghazni, Mohammed Ghori, Firuz Tughlak, Timur, Muzaffar Shah, Mahmud Begarha, Mahmud Khalji, Ilyas Shah, Babur, Sher Shah Suri, Akbar the Great, Jahangir, Shah Jahan, Aurangzib, Abdali, Tipu Sultan, Siraj-ud-Daula, and so many others all persecuted, humiliated, tortured, terrorized, and slaughtered the Hindus throughout Islamic history in India.

The war against the infidel in India is monstrous, unremitting, and constant to the present day. From Mumbai to Kashmir, all over India north and south, the jihad rages..(more here.)

From our Hindu colleagues of SION:

India is a turmoil and the dangers are immense for Non-Muslim population.  Even Indian Muslims showed their true allegiance is for Bangla Deshi Muslims who carried knives, axes and spades and terrorized and displaced literally hundreds of thousands of Bodo Hindus from their villages and burning their houses.   First Kashmir, then all North East India and many mini-pakistan’s all around India, there seems little hope for non-Muslims.   What happened to police in Mumbai will happen to rest of the population in just a few years.


Dr. Manmohan Singh
The Prime Minister of India
New Delhi

Through Consul General of India
New York, USA

Sub:  India in Danger –
After Kashmir Radical Islam Taking Over Assam in North East
Jihad Spreading Far and Wide

Dear Prime Minister Singh:
The socio-political, religious and militant expansionist turbulence well within the boundaries of the country, with the participation of the transnational radical Islam, which is seemingly shaking the foundations of India, has given millions of Indo-Americans, their organizations and friends of India a serious cause for concern about the solidarity and integrity of India.  The partisan policy of the establishment framed under the influence of the “politics of vote banks” has seemingly turned the situation all the more precarious. Progressively the country seems to be drifting in to the demographic, administrative and environmental chaos that existed during the dreadful days of partition in 1947.
During the last few weeks a virtual Jihad has been unleashed on Hindus in many parts of India by radical Islamists from Bangladesh in collusion with the anti-Hindu segments of Muslims from Assam, Maharashtra, U. P., Jammu and Kashmir, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. There exists a strong public perception that this crusade is indirectly facilitated by anti-Hindu Congress regimes in the center and the impacted states.
This period has been marked with unprecedented violence. The manner in which Jihadists acted in unison smacked of a deep-rooted conspiracy to demoralize and terrorize the Hindus and create a fear psychosis in their minds. The grand plan clearly appears to be to frighten the Hindus and their political leaders into submission and prepare the ground to carve out yet another Pakistan from India.  In this exercise, the Islamists burned hundreds of villages in Assam inhabited by Hindus in order to grab their land as they successfully did in the case of Hindus in Bangladesh and Kashmir. (
Subversion in Assam:
The Muslims belonging to different political and Islamist parties have converged to join hands with a communalist Badruddin Ajmal, an Indian MP from Assam who demanded dissolution of Bodo Councils (of indigenous Hindus) in Assam. Also ganged up with them were the Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi who hobnobs with the Hezbollah Commander in Lebanon; Akbaruddin Owaisi, the local MLA of the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen party; Nazrul Islam, an IPS officer who demanded a Muslim Chief Minister for West Bengal; and Azam Khan, the Uttar Pradesh Samajwadi Party minister for Minority Welfare. One cannot ignore the fact that all of these gentlemen are Muslims and now they are openly following Mohd. Ali Jinnah’s anti-Hindu policy leading to yet another communal subversion in India.
In addition, Muslims from other parts of the country including the Pakistani sleeper cells in India used SMS messages to circulate threats to all the North-East people working in major cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi etc. The SMS message issued an ultimatum to these hapless Hindus to leave their cities by a certain date and go back to their native place in North East, failing which they would be killed.  Right then the authorities should have put their foot down, captured the trouble shooters and put them behind the bars. But alas they remained in a state of paralysis as in Kashmir and let the Islamists carry on their crusade by terrorizing the unsuspecting and innocent Hindus.
We cannot but condemn the atrocities, murders, loot and arson in Bodo-regions of Assam perpetrated by the Bangladeshi  infiltrators. This violence due to Govt. apathy and political cowardice has resulted in consuming more than 100 innocent lives, uprootment of lakhs of Hindus and razing to the ground properties and houses in more than 500 villages. Just as in Kashmir the Congress Govt. allowed Muslims to uproot Hindus and occupy the territory and properties owned by Hindus. What is worse is that these are the Muslims who have infiltrated from Bangladesh – they are foreign invaders in India.
This unending and uncontrolled violence under the very eyes of the Congress regime poses a great threat to the national unity and integrity of India. This operation of national shame could not have happened without preplanning and crusading by the anti-India elements. The Indian nation must take a serious note of it and take necessary remedial measures such as:
1) All infiltrators from Bangladesh should be expelled from India.
2) The law applicable to foreigners should be strictly enforced in Assam.
3) The names of these infiltrators, included in the voting registers as a politically corrupt practice suitable to the enemies of democracy in India, should be expunged. When a million Hindus in J&K who returned from PoK have not been given voting rights why are the Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators given such rights is mind boggling for us. The patriotic Indians in their utter disgust ask has Muslim occupation of India really ended.
4) India should demand 21% territory of Pakistan and 13% territory of Bangladesh as the portion of land belonging to their populations which have migrated or infiltrated in to India over the years. (In 1951 Hindu-Sikh population in Pakistan was 22% and today their left over population is about 1%. In Bangladesh Hindu population was 22% and today it is barely 9%).
5) India must defend her borders with an iron hand.
Genocide in Kashmir:
The ethnic cleansing and genocide perpetrated by the Islamists in 1989 dislodged nearly a million non-Muslims and over 100,000 lives were claimed by this Jihad. These massive violent changes, a well known characteristic of Islamic Jihad, completely altered the socio-political, economic and religious complexion of Kashmir. Like Pakistan the traditional plurality of cultures, except for a few symbolic traces here and there, was altogether eliminated. For more than two decades neither the federal nor the State Govt. took necessary measures to protect the rights, properties, professions, jobs, religions and societies of minorities as mandated by the Indian constitution. Normal duties of enforcing the law and maintaining order were thrown to the wind. During the past 23 years two generations of Kashmiri Hindus and Sikhs have been lost but the Indian establishment’s unnatural, unethical and politically corrupt romance with Islamists has not ended.

Condoning violence, ethnic cleansing, genocide, terrorism and massacres against minorities in the name of Islam and perverted secularism is a policy capable of destroying the very socio-political fabric of the country.  Kashmir, we regret to say, has become one of the major centers of Islamic Jihad in India. But the ethnic minorities of this region have become natural allies of freedom loving people against radical Islam, Jihad and terrorism.

Therefore, the freedom loving people all over the world, particularly in India, strongly urge you to rehabilitate the ousted minorities of Kashmir, the first victims of Osama Bin Laden’s campaign for Islamization, without further delay. It has been more than two decades when they were driven out of their homes yet India has failed to rehabilitate them and restore their rights. Without their resettlement in a newly created autonomous Homeland well within the Vale of Kashmir, India’s victory over murderous Al Qaeda, radical Islam and Islamic terrorism will remain incomplete.

Creating such a homeland would be a significant step forward in defeating terrorism in Kashmir.  Your Govt., Mr. Prime Minister, should stand unwaveringly by the patriotic Kashmiris who are determined to defeat and bury nihilist Wahabbism and its Jihadist modus operandi. The creation of an autonomous homeland for the exiled communities in Kashmir with full flow of the  Indian Constitution will not only solve the problem of their oft repeated homelessness and restore their status and role as citizens but it will also create an island for successfully combating radical Islam and terrorism from a strategically opportune frontier which can advance national and foreign policy objectives of India immeasurably. For the attainment of that noble goal we ask for your immediate action and support. How ironic it is Mr. Prime Minister that under your and Congress party’s patronage and tacit support Kashmir has become India’s own “Islamic State” or Pakistan. And now it is joined by Assam with imported Islamic populous again under your and your party’s patronage.
Turmoil in Mumbai

On August 11, a Muslim mob of around 1000 broke out from the 50,000 assembled at the Azad Maidan in South Mumbai.  Armed with petrol cans and plastic bottles, hockey sticks, iron rods and bamboo sticks, the mob vandalized The War Memorial, damaged police vans, smashed journalists’ TV cameras – all, over the issue of so-called mistreatment of Muslims in Myanmar and Assam. When someone goes to participate in a meeting why would he or she bring Molotov cocktails? If these demonstrators were not the agents of the disruptive Pan-Islamic plans for India where was the need for them to resort to violence on the issue of Muslims of Myanmar? (

How can one forget that the mobs of Islamists had adopted the same strategy at the Godhra Railway Station earlier in year 2002 that resulted in burning alive of 59 Hindu pilgrims and ignited the now well known Gujarat riots? With the same objective the current Muslim uprising is led by the Raza Academy and supported by groups like Sunni Jamait-ul-Ulma, Jamate-Raza-e-Mustafa and Awami Vikas Party (AVP). The last one is a political outfit launched by a former police officer, Shamsher Khan Pathan.
Hindu Refugees from Pakistan:
Millions of Bangladeshi infiltrators in India were provided all facilities and given royal treatment like Indian citizens because the ruling party benefited from their votes. On the other hand a few hundred Pakistani Hindus escaping from the tyranny of Pakistan had to face threats of deportation and harassment for staying in India. These Hindus escaped from Pakistan due to looting of their shops, raids on their homes, beating, kidnapping and raping of women and girls and forcible conversion and marriage with Muslim men. Their properties were taken over by Muslims under duress like the properties of Kashmiri Pandits. This too is a clear example of double standard and discriminatory treatment to different people on the basis of their religion and faith. Imagine what would have happened if you Mr. Prime Minister and Mr. Advani were refused admission in to India when you first crossed the border from that hell hole called Pakistan! Don’t you think that these today’s escapees from Pakistan also deserve the same kind of treatment as escapees of yester years such as you and Mr. Advani?
In Sirohi, Rajasthan murder in broad day light.
One of our well informed sources confirmed that on August 16, the Muslim mobs attacked a Vidya Bharati school affiliated to the Sangh Parivar and chopped off a Hindu teacher’s hand.
Anti-Hindu crusade In Ranchi, Jharkhand and Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh
The frenzied Muslim mob attacked vehicles, shops and public life in Ranchi. In Bareilly, the Jihadi Muslims succeeded at stopping the popular once-a-year Janmastami celebrations (Birth of Lord Krishna). Mr. Prime Minister, you know it well as do we that in India religious freedom is guaranteed by the Constitution. But in this case as well the enforcers of the country’s constitution looked the other way. Is your Government’s policy to implement this constitutional provision only on a selective basis?
Suppression of media in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
The members of the press belonging to the print and electronic media were attacked by a Muslim mob shortly after their Friday prayers at the conclusion of the holy month of Ramadan. What gives them right to engage in this kind of hooliganism and where are the keepers of law and order? The absence of action by them on this occasion is a clear indication of unjustifiable double standard being applied by the authorities. (

Ban on Hindu Media

Mr. Prime Minister, to further silence the real majority of India and with intention to suffocate the Hindu voice, the anti-Hindu establishment and some of its puppet regimes in Indian states have clamped a ban and other kinds of restrictions on Hindu media particularly Websites, Twitter and Facebook. However the Govt. patronized and paid media enjoys total liberty to present distorted and concocted versions of anti-Hindu actions by the establishment and its anti-India allies. In theory the Indian Constitution guarantees unrestricted and complete freedom of expression but in reality only the loyal and partisan media is allowed to exercise that right which is clear proof of promoting an authoritarian system.

Govt. loots Hindu Temples

All over the country major Hindu temples and places of worship have been taken over by the government. All the offerings amounting to trillions of rupees presented by the devotees are illegally stolen by the government and used as income for the government. In this way the Hindu Gods and Goddesses are being treated and used as “work horses” for the Governmment.  The incomes from temple assets and estates are also stolen by the government and in part given to predatory religions particularly to Muslims for opening Madrassas, building more mosques, undertaking Hajj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia and spreading Wahabi Islam. Accordingly the constitutional provision that the state will not interfere into the sphere of religion has been thrown to the wind.

Draconian Sharia recognized as law:

To promote, legitimize and recognize Islam as a “religion” the Government has allowed Sharia to be adopted as part of the hitherto single judicial system in India. Ironically the first state to adopt this draconian and outdated Islamic law through a legislative resolution as a legitimate law with utter disregard of the secular foundation of the Indian political system has been J&K  State, the only Muslim majority state in India. The introduction of this communal law is recognized as the crown achievement of the Congress Raj in secular India.

Jaziya Charged from Hindus:

While Muslims and Christians are granted subsidies for building mosques, churches and for going to pilgrimages and setting up and running Madrassas, Hindus on the other hand are charged Jaziya, a penalty charged from Hindus, for visiting their shrines, temples and places of worship. Jaziya, a tax on non-Muslims as a penalty for not being Muslims, was a practice in vogue during the 800 years of Muslim butchery and occupation of India;

Curfew Against Hindu Religious functions:

The anti-Hindu regimes in Indian states have devised numerous methods of clamping curfews and other restrictions in Hindu areas by abusing and misinterpreting law and order procedures to prevent the observance of Hindu festivals, religious processions, prayers and rituals. These draconian laws are enforced to facilitate the observance of Muslim religious functions and to honor and not to hurt Muslim sentiments. This is being done in a country universally known as the land of Hindus, under a secular constitution under which all religions are supposed to be equal, free and outside the domain of Government  control. Mr. Prime Minister, why then do the Muslims enjoy total freedom, unlike the Hindus, to observe their religious functions without any  restrictions and curfews?

In conclusion:

All these developments and measures by various power centers of India point to the possible Islamization or fragmentation of India. In allowing Islamization to prevail your government will be fulfilling the dream of Osama bin Laden. And in letting India be fragmented you will be realizing the aspiration of the colonial lords. Mr. Prime Minister, our earnest appeal to you is to not to preside over the liquidation and/or dismemberment of India. Please stand by the patriotic forces of India and work towards unity and revival of the glory of India. You have the opportunity to play the role of a real SARDAR like Guru Gobind Singh and Guru Teg Bahadur by saving the country, nation and dharma – please do not let this unique opportunity go waste. The nation is eagerly waiting for your course correction.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Dr. Jagan Kaul, Prof. of International Law (Rtd.) and former Consultant to United Nationas Environmental Program; and Narain Kataria, President of IAIF on behalf of:

Indian American Intellectuals Forum Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America Hindu Human Rights Watch Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam India Heritage Foundation, Lansing, Michigan Panun Kashmir International

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