RSS demands CBI probe into Marad carnage

MAY 2, 2003, is a day written in blood in the Hindu history of Kerala, when eight fishermen were butchered by Jehadi terrorists on Marad Beach near Kozhikode in North Kerala. The Jehadis at the instigation of Muslim League leader Mayin Haji assembled at the Marad mosque and perpetuated the savagery. Several Hindu houses were damaged and women and children attacked.

Later, RSS and Pariwar organisations and the Araya Samajam (Fishermen’s group) organised massive agitations, forcing the Muslim population of Marad to evacuate. After several months and several round of talks and announcement of Rs 10 lakh and government job for dependants and repair of damaged houses, were the Muslims allowed to return to their homes. Several of the perpetuators are in jail following court sentences.

The Prantiya meeting of RSS and Pariwar organisations held at Kochi between August 26 to 28 demanded the Kerala Government led by Oommen Chandy to approach the Central Government for CBI probe into the conspiracy and funding angle of the Marad carnage.

In the resolution demanding CBI probe the RSS said that the Judicial Commission had pointed to the need for probing the role of external forces.

Representatives of 36 Pariwar organisations participated in the meeting. Padmasri P Parameswaran and Suresh Soni, Sahsarkaryvah were also present.

By S Chandrasekhar, ORGANISER

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