POOKKALAM by Samanvaya Members

Bangalore September 04: Samanvaya, a socio-cultural organization by RSS Malayalee Swayamsevaks based in Bangalore, celebrated Onam festivity on 4th September, 2011 at Kesavashilpa, Rashtrothana Parishad. The programme took off with a colourful start with “Pookkalam” or the floral carpet skillfully laid by members of Samanvaya.

POOKKALAM by Samanvaya Members

Chief Guests, Sri Prof Sadhu Rangarajan of Bharat Mata Gurukula Ashram, KR Puram, Bangalore, Senior Scientist Dr. KI Vasu, Patron of Samanvaya, Mananiya J.Nandakumar, Dakshina Kshetriya Boudhik Shikshnan Pramukh of RSS- were duly welcomed with the “Ona Pudava” and “Ona Kodi”. This was followed by the inauguration of the function by the guests of honour and recital of “Vande Mataram” by Kum. Arathi.

Presidential address by Sri. V Ravindra Mallia

The Presidential address of the meet was delivered by Sri. V Ravindra Mallia, who elaborated on the initiative of beginning Samanvaya 22 years ago. Samanvaya was an undertaking for the Swayam sevaks and patrons of Sangh who visited Bangalore, the Dakshina Kshetram. With the birth of Samanvaya, there was not only a binding factor, but also a spiritual awakening, he said. Sri. V Ravindra Mallia also enumerated instances of how Malayali Swayamsevaks were aided in times of crisis by Samanvaya.

Sri Sadhu Prof. Rangarajan addressing

This was followed by the inauguration of Samanvaya’s website by  H.E. Sadhu Prof. Rangarajan, founder trustee of Sri Bharatamata Gurukula Ashram & Yogi Ramsuratkumar Indological Research Centre, Sister Nivedita Academy, Sri Bharatamata Mandir, Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore. He began his address with a prayer to all divinities and proffered his respect to all seers of Bharatabhumi.

Prof. Rangarajan stressed the need of following the “Desha Bhakthi Margam”, where importance is given to one’s mother and motherland. He highlighted lines from the Prarthana of Sangh “Twaya HinduBhoomi Sukham Vardithoham” that stand for complete surrender and sacrifice to the ideology, which considers the nation as our “Mother”. This leads to growth of an individual and also helps achieve the aim of envisaging Bharatabhumi as “Loka Guru”.

Sri N. Thippaswami, Dakshina Prantha Karyavaha of RSS, Karnataka speaks.

Following the speech of Prof. Rangarajan, Sri N. Thippaswami, Dakshina Prantha Karyavaha spoke to the audience. He emphasiced the need of all swayamsevaks  to work for the motherland keeping the language barrier aside.

The highlight of the day’s event was the felicitation bestowed on Dr. K I Vasu, patron of Samanvaya. Dr Vasu, an Acharya in the field of Swadeshi Science emphasized the significance and responsibilities of Sangh. Coming to the enormous tasks undertaken by Samanvaya, he underlined the need for Samanvaya to reach out to every corner of the state. Taking into account, the waning of cultural observances, Dr. Vasu stressed the need for parents taking an initiative in teaching children both written and spoken Malayalam. “This could help us overcome the grave danger of giving rise to a generation of ‘English-based Malayalis’, for whom the Indian language will remain only secondary”, he said. Malayalam, according to Dr. Vasu, is a language of depth and lucidity. He also called for attention regarding the expansion of “Balagokulam” to other parts of India.

The chief guest of the event, Sri. Vikram Patel, who was extremely thoughtful in making to the event, in spite of being held up, spoke to the audience next.

The final address was made by Sri. J. Nandakumar, Dakshina Kshetriya Boudhik Shikshnan Pramukh of RSS. Sri. Nandakumar’s speech enlightened the audience about the true significance of Onam and other festivals. The spirit of celebrations should not be a focus on gaiety alone, but a constant reminder to humanity that life is meant to be instilled with values, imparted from the stories that cloak the festivities.

Sri. Nandakumar clubbed the importance of moral and ethical values with corruption, the social malady.  He reminded the gathering that a strong society needed not only a steadfast and resolute leader, but also value based citizens. “When we chant “Maveli naaduvaaneedum kaalam, Manushyarellarum onnupoley, Kallavum illa Chathiyumilla” (During the rule of King Mahabali, citizens enjoyed equality. There was no deceit or corruption), we must realize that this responsibility lies with the citizens as well. The responsibility comes with an urge to seek oneself within and do an internal cleansing”, said Sri. Nandakumar.

The session was followed by an “Ona Sadya”, after which the audience was enthralled by cultural programmes, organized by the children of Samanvaya family. The event also saw an exhibition of paintings by the talented artist, Sri. Sivan Kailas.

Earlier, the gathering began with an invocation to Lord Ganesha. Smt. Ramani Krishnankutty, Secretary of the women’s wing of Samanvaya rendered the “Ganeshavandanam”. This was followed by a welcome address to the audience by Sri. PM Manoj, General Secretary of Samanvaya.


An art exhibition was arranged, paintings by a Malayali Swayamsevak.

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