GUWAHATI, Oct 20 – The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Uttar Assam on Thursday expressed grave concern over the indifferent attitude of the government towards growing tension along the borders, and rising incidents of encouragement to separatism and terrorism from across the borders.

The Sangh said that India and particularly the North East faced threat from China that was constantly exerting military pressure on the borders.

“Apart from abetting terrorism and separatism from across the borders, China’s active support to the insurgent groups in the North-East is a direct challenge to the unity and integrity of the country,” said the Sangh.

On the other hand, the Sangh while slamming the government for the Indo-Bangla land lead said that this decision has been taken without any consideration to national interests.

“Handing over of several thousand acres of our territory in Assam and West Bengal to Bangladesh under the pretext that it was already under the latter’s control can’t be justified on any account. It is unwise and unacceptable to cede more territory and get less in the name of territorial exchange. This would result in a large number of Bangladeshi Muslims in CoochBihar and Jalpaiguri automatically becoming citizens of Bharat,” the Sangh pointed out.

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