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Antarctica Dcember 7, 2012: Mumbai’s RSS Swayamsevak Rajesh Asher unfurled the Bhagawadwaj at Antarctica, the Earth’s southernmost continent, containing the geographic South Pole, early morning at 2.02am of December 7, Friday.


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Rajesh Asher, a professional Chartered accountant, a Swayamsevak hails from Chembur in Mumbai. He went to Antarctica along with team, reached the Southern Pole Thursday late Night. At 2.02 am early morning of Friday, Rajesh Asar went to unfurl the Bhagawadwaj, the saffron flag. Later he enchanted the RSS prayer, ‘Namasate Sada Vatsale Mathrubhoome’.

( We are waiting for a Photo from South Pole, as soon as we get, we will Publish it- Editor)

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4 thoughts on “RSS Swayamsevak unfurls Bhagwadwaj at Antarctica at South pole, chants RSS Prayer

  1. Drji asked swayamsevaks to take sang with them to wherever they go. Being swayamsevak always at any condition whether in the midst of roaring waves of ocean, higher altitude of mountain and in the chilling wilderness of pole…. That’s great simply great….

  2. I am providing some more details.

    The temperature at the time the Shakha was held at the South Pole was a pleasant minus 25 degrees celcius! ( It is summer here in Antarctica, in winter the temperature can reach a bone numbing minus eighty degree celcius).

    Along with the Shakha he also chanted portions from the Ganesh Arti, Bhagwad Geeta, Hare Ram Hare Krishna Dhun, Namokar Mantra and various other sacred shloks.

    By the way, the correct spelling of his surname is Asher and not Asar

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