Annexure 14 - Alarming Decrease of Hindu Population in Bangla Desh

From: Dr Pravin Togadia, International Working President, Vishwa Hindu Parishad,

Sankat Mochan Hanuman, Sector 6, R. K. Puram, New Delhi 

Date: April 2, 2013


Hon’ble Maha Maheem President of India

Shri Pranabkumar Mukhetjee j

President House

New Delhi

Subject: SAVE HINDUS! Continued brutal genocidal attacks on Hindus & other minorities in Bangla Desh & West Bengal

Reference: The Attached documents (Annexure 1 to 14)

Respected Shri President Ji,

I wished to wish you a very happy Hindu New Year which is to start from  April 11, 2013 Chaitra Shuddh Pratipada. But my heart did not allow me to do so when millions of Hindus in Bangla Desh, Pakistan & West Bengal have been facing brutal genocidal attacks at the hands of extremists Islamists there. Almost 99.9% of these Hindus in Bangla Desh (the population of Hindus in Bangla Desh – the then East Pakistan – was almost 45% in 1947 which has now dipped to the alarming lowest of less than 1% although the Bangla Desh Govt claims it as 8%) speak the same language as you do; they worship the Devi Durga the way you do; they perhaps eat the similar food as most Bengalis in Bharat do. Mr. President, Sir, yet when you will celebrate Hindu New Year shortly, the Hindus in Bangla Desh would become further extinct. (Please see Annexure 8, 9 & 14 for the systematic decrease in Hindu Population in Bangla Desh).

The same Islamists with the same designs have been targeting Hindus in West Bengal too in Bharat, specifying their target as getting Hindu population decreased. (Please see Annexure 10) Recent attacks on Hindus in Canning, Naliakhali, North 24 Pargana of West Bengal are the glaring examples of it. Rather than arresting the culprits there, the Govt has arrested Hindus there & detained them unlawfully slapping extreme cases against them.

In Bangla Desh daily for the past many months & to be precise past 24 days Hindus & other minorities are being targeted by the Jamaat people & along with them the other Islamists. Houses are being looted, temples

burnt & looted, molestation & abduction of Hindu women have become rampant again there repeating  1947, pre 1971 & 1971. This is a serious situation & it is high time you use your good offices & intervene in the issue for protecting Hindus & other minorities in Bangla Desh immediately before it is too late. (Please see the attached Annexure 2,5,6,11,12 & 13)

In one area namely Banskhali there are 74 reported Hindu deaths. Unreported deaths & abductions have no limits there. Mohajonpara, Bhelkobazar in Sundarganj upazila of Gaibandha areas not only the houses but Hindu owned shops are being burnt all the time past few days. The Kali temples were vandalized, broken, the idols of the Devi were attacked & the Pujaris were looted / killed in Mithapukur upazila in Rangpur and another at Kansat in Chapainawabganj. What will you tell the Devi in your village when you go there for this year’s Durga Pooja if you do not do anything to save Hindus in Bangla Desh, Mr. President, Sir?

These are not the only areas where Hindus & other minority communities are being attacked. If the areas to be listed then perhaps entire Bangla Desh will be covered in the list for attacks on Hindus & other minorities. In September 2012 the same Islamists had burnt many Buddhist temples & looted their houses brutally beating up, molesting women & killing men. (See annexure 3).

This is not based on some sundry media reports. Even Amnesty International has made an international appeal to protect & save Hindus in Bangla Desh. (See Annexure 4)

We have some specific demands from YOU, Mr. President Sir. They are:

  1. Please get the govt of India – the Prime Minister, Home Minister & the External Affairs Minister to at least once go through in details the Nehru-Liaquat Accord 1950 which makes it compulsory on Pakistan (including the then West & East Pakistan and now, Pakistan & Bangla Desh) to protect the lives, properties, religious dignity & human rights of all Minorities there. It is the accord signed & agreed upon by the then Prime Minister of India Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru & the then Pakistan head Liaquat Ali. It is still binding on both Pakistan & Bangla Desh. (Please see Annexure 1) Your intervention in seeing to it that the clauses of the said accord are implemented to protect Hindus & other minorities in Bangla Desh (and in Pakistan too) will save at least the rest of Hindus there. It is your duty as a President of India to ensure the full implementation of such International Treaties between Bharat & other countries especially when lives of millions of people are at risk there.
  2. As a President of India & also the senior socio-political figure from Bharat’s state West Bengal, you also need to intervene to ensure safety & security of Hindus in West Bengal. As you can see from the Annexure 10 here, there seems to be a dangerous, planned & systematic design by the Islamists to decrease the population of Hindus in West Bengal & obviously to finish it fully one day soon. Although this is seen in other states of Bharat too, at this moment, this letter of mine will focus on West Bengal. Some other time soon, I will contact you for your intervention in saving Hindus in other states &  in Pakistan as well.
  3. The similar circumstances had arisen in 1971 when Hindus were massacred in Bangla Desh by the Jamaat’s Jehadis as well as by the Islamists. The then Prime Minister Indiraji Gandhi showed her steely resolve then & sent Indian Army to Pakistan (West & East) to free East Pakistan in the hope that the independent nation will protect Hindus. Hindus in Bangla Desh were killed, looted, raped & hoarded out then & even later which had been happening since 1947.

Now again it is time to take a strict action against such erring neighboring nations who massacre Hindus & other minorities. Peace talks, Cricket, Trade, Art etc are not the ways to protect the miniscule minorities there now; ARMY attack is the only way.

  1. I agree that there could be some diplomatic channels to handle some situations. But it is too late for all such moves & Hindus in Bangla Desh are facing the worst ever Human Rights crisis. I humbly urge you that if even with your intervention, Bangla Desh does not protect Hindus & other minorities there, then get the Govt of India to stop sending Rice, Salt & water to Bangla Desh from Bharat on which Bangla Desh lives. If these 3 things are not made available to them from Bharat, then they, as a country will come under pressure.

Mr. President, Sir, I had written to you yet another letter on July 26, 2012 about massacre of Hindus & other tribes in Assam at the hands of Bangla Deshi Islamic Infiltrators. Along with the reply & action regarding this letter today, I am awaiting reply & action from you regarding my earlier letter too as a responsible first citizen of the nation – responsible for all citizens of Bharat & Hindus in other countries, keeping aside your ideologies.

You are known for your varied reading. Here are excerpts of a book written by Dr Sachi Ghosh Dastidar – ‘Empire’s Last Casualty’ – which dwells in the horrible state of Hindus & other minorities in Bangla Desh & the systematic designs by Jamaat & others behind such genocides. (Please see Annexure 7). Kindly spare some time to read the shocking truth, leaving aside the ideological differences. It clearly explains with proofs the genocidal plans of Jamaat & their followers vis-à-vis Hindus in Bangla Desh.

Mr. President Sir, I urge you to save & protect Hindus in Bangla Desh, Pakistan & West Bengal. Hindus in Bharat & in many other countries are upset about the genocide of Hindus & other minorities there. It does not help any nation’s united strength & growth to have an upset & hurt majority. Mr. President, Sir, Please take specific steps to protect Hindus immediately.

Dhanyavaad. Regards.


Dr Pravin Togadia

International Working President – Vishwa Hindu Parishad

  • Annexure: 1 to 14 : Attached Herewith.

Copy to:

  1. The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India
  2. The Prime Minister of India
  3. The External Affairs Minister of India
  4. The Leader of Opposition, New Delhi
  5. Hon’ble High Court – West Bengal
  6. The UNHRC – United Nations Human Rights Commission
  7. Hindu Human Rights Commission

List of Annexure : PDF

Annexure 6 – Jamaat Leader Held for Inciting Attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh

Annexure 5 – Hindus under attack in Bangladesh

Annexure 4 – South Asia -Amnesty International Appeals for Protection of Hindus in Bangladesh

Annexure 3 – Bangladesh Muslims Attack Buddhist Temples

Annexure 2 – Anti-Hindu Attacks Rock Bangladesh





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