Shivamogga: As brook water heavily entered the local residential area, several houses were affected with flooded situation in Mandali area in Shivamogga. Local RSS Swayamsevaks involved in quick rescue works, offered timely help for the local residents.

Nearly 300 homes were severely affected. RSS Swayamsevals served them food, water, essential commodities, medicines, clothes, bedsheets and also security. For the school students, books, bags etc provided during the relief campaign.
RSS Sah prant Karyavah M Pattabhirama and few other RSS functionaries visited the area.
IMG_20160729_081420_HDR IMG_20160729_081808_HDR A IMG_20160731_111746_HDR IMG-20160731-WA0019 IMG-20160731-WA0027 IMG-20160731-WA0032 IMG-20160731-WA0052 IMG-20160731-WA0057 IMG-20160731-WA0060 IMG-20160731-WA0068 KANNADA PRABHA

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