Launch of “VanaMitra” – A Quarterly newsletter of Vanavasi Kalayana, Kalyana

Bengaluru: RSS inspired forum for tribal welfare, Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram Karnataka’s quarterly newsletter VANAMITRA was launched in Keshavakrupa, Bengaluru. Sri Thippeswamy (Prant Karyavah, RSS) and Sri Sripad (Organizing Secretary, Vanavasi Kalyana), Gopal Keshri of Vanavasi Kalyan Ashrama were present during the launch.


Sri Thippeswamy advised the gathering to focus on VanaYatra so that city dwellers get a glimpse of Vanavasi livings and their culture. Sri Sripad ji spoke on the importance of connecting apartment neighbors and office colleagues with This social/cultural movement of Vanavasi Kalayana.

Vanavasi Kalyana Ashrama Karnataka (VKK) is a volunteer driven Socio-Cultural organization working for tribals in the fields of Education, Healthcare, Economic development and Integration into mainstream society. A glimpse:

  •  VKK runs 7 hostels with 220 Vanavasi kids benefitting residential program.
  • It also run 80 Educational centers in different parts of Karnataka.
  • VKK established and supports 300 Self-Help groups
  •  VKK supports numerous “hit-Raksha” projects

By each passing day, new volunteers and well-wishers from all walks of life like Technocrats, Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries are joining Vanavasi Kalyana after seeing its selfless activities.

A need was felt for a newsletter to have the volunteers stay connected with our activities and plan. We also treat feedbacks and comments with utmost care, as it helps improve our work. Keeping these in mind we came up with a quarterly newsletter – “VanaMitra”.


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