Mohan Bhagwat hounouring Sandhya


Mohan Bhagwat hounouring Sandhya

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh(RSS)’s saga of transforming lives of millions continues to grow stronger and stronger by the fast passing days. Here is an inspiring story of a beggars family, which went through tremendous development after coming in contact with . This is another example of silent transformation taking place in the lives of  individuals through RSS.

In Thakkalai of Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu, Swayamsevaks asked two children to come for shaka. When they came to shaka, the swayamsevaks found that these two children were beggars and their parents also involved in begging. Swayamsevaks asked the children whether they are interested in studying. They readily accepted and gave up their begging (which is their livelihood) and started studying. Slowly transformation took place in the family also. Swayamsevaks asked the parents whether they are interested in going for a work. They happily accepted and started going for the work. Due to this, their regard for the Sangh slowly grew. As a result of this, when they came to know that the Sangh was involved in collecting money for the affected persons in Srilanka, they voluntarily came forward and happily donated Rs.300/- Now, the whole family is transformed and are serving the other less privileged people.

Sri Mohan Ji Bhagawat appreciated the efforts put forth by the Student when he was in Chennai participating in Dwatheeya Varsha Camp held at Vyasarpadi.

Vivekananda Educational Society(VES) Student topped the Class 12th in Tamilnadu

Vivekananda Educational Society, (Smt. Ramkumar Devi Fomra Vivekananda Vidyalaya, Chromepet) of Vidya Bharathi scored the HIGHEST MARKS in Tamilnadu i.e. 1191/1200 marks in her Plus Two Board Examinations conducted recently in March 2011. She took Samskritam as her language paper. According to the State Government policy, Rekha a student from Vijay Vidyalaya, Hosur scored 1190/1200 marks has been declared as State FIRST as she took Tamil as her language paper.

Parama Poojaneeya Sri Mohan Ji Bhagawat appreciated the efforts put forth by the Student when he visited Chennai  to participate in the Dwatheeya Varsha Camp held at Vyasarpadi.


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