Sri Madara Chennayya Swamiji during Padayatra at Mysore

Mysore September 15:   Keeping a lonely cause of  Unity in Hindu society, a meaningful Walk for Social Harmony was organised in Dalit-Madiga colonies of Mysore on Thursday September 15.  The Samarasya Nadige (walk for harmony) was led by Sri Basavamurthy Madara Chennayya Swamiji of Chitradurga, in which hundreds of soci0-religious leaders participated.

Sri Madara Chennayya Swamiji during Padayatra at Mysore

The programme was organised by Samarasya Vedike, an RSS outfit for social harmony at 8th, 9th and 10th main road of Gandhinagar area of Mysore which is inhabited by Madiga Community by majority. Madiga community is considered to be a community with lower social strata from centuries, suffering with socio-economic problems. The community was an unfortunate victim of social discrimination. On Septemebr 15, the atmosphere at Gandhinagar was nothing less to public festival, with colourful and floral decorations.

One year ago, on September 15,  2010,  Sri Madara Chennayya Swamiji undertook a historic Padayatra at Brahmins locality at Mysore which attracted national headlines. Many volunteers made this Padayatra, a Successful one. To imbue and to maintain the spirit of social enthusiasm, a Padayatra followed by Sahabhojan (shraring meals in mas,  keeping away the casteism) was organised. Many so called Savarneeya‘s (Upper Caste persons) had lunch at houses of Madiga Communities. This programme gave confidence to hundreds of citizens of Mysore to keeping alive their hope to build a harmonious society.

RSS Karnataka Pranth Sanghachalak Sri M Venkarataramu,  Sri Ramdas, Minister for Medical education of Karnataka govt, Coordinator of Samarasya Vedike Karnataka Sri Vadiraj and several other leaders were present during this event.

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