Nagpur March 10, 2018: Sri Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi has been re-elected unanimously as SARAKARYAVAH (General Secretary) of RSS for the next three years, till March 2021. The RSS elects its  General Secretary every three years at the baithak of its delegates called the Akhila Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha(ABPS).

Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi

Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi, File Photo

Known for his high organising skills, 70 year old Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi was unanimously elected as Sarakaryavah in the proceedings of second day of Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha meet at Nagpur on Saturday.

Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi is serving as RSS Sarakaryavah since March 2009. He served as Sarakaryavah for the first term from 2009 to 2012 and has been getting reelected since then.

Earlier Bhaiyyaji Joshi has also served as Sahsarakaryavah and Akhil Bharatiya Seva Pramukh of the RSS.

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