Water conservation experiments are successful in Idkidu

Swayamsewaks turn ‘Idkidu’ into ideal village

Idkidu became a laboratory for rural development. The development of Idkidu village in Dakshin Karnataka district has been catalyzed by the golden touch of Swayamsewaks. The transformed face of this village indicates the gravity of the efforts which RSS karyakartas put in for its development. Idkidu has now become an ideal village.

Water conservation experiments are successful in Idkidu

RSS karyakarta K S Vishwanath vowed to transform the face of Idkidu village. The development work was initiated in 1989, the birth centenary year of Adya Sarsanghchalak Dr Hedgewar. A cow in each house; farming without the use of chemical fertilizers; a biogas plant and solar panel in each house; planting necessary vegetables and herbs around the house; production of honey; liquor prohibition and water conservation were some of the goals set by the karyakartas.

Four RSS shakhas run in village at Dharmnagar, Oorimajilu, Ashoknagar and Kolpe. Dharmnagar shakha is the parent one. In 1970, ‘bhajan mandir’ project was initiated. Along with bhajan mandir, mahila mandali, Ganeshotsav, tailoring training and shishu mandir were also opened. At present, five bhajan mandirs are run at Idkidu. Morning prayer is held once a week and satsang is organized in the evening. Bhagavadgita and Ramayan classes are also conducted. Villagers come together to celebrate all the major festivals. They eat together setting aside the caste differences. In Kalashabhishek ritual, all people get chance to pour water and milk over the idol of lord. For preparing prasad, women from 250 families come together and food grains are brought from all houses in equal quantities.

Water from all houses is poured into the tank because of which the water amount increases by 1 crore liters. 1500 saplings of betel nut have been planted in the temple premises for which Rs 50 have been collected as donation from each house. The money obtained from these trees to temple is utilized for educating students and for the treatment of poor patients. Bidinamajalu Shri Adiparashakti temple is built totally by the co-operation of villagers. No fees is charged here for marriage rituals. Public library is also run by the temple management.

Water conservation, herbal garden and charity for poor are some of the activities run by Dharmnagar Durga Mandir. Surya High School has become a value education centre. Students create awareness about avoiding use of plastic in the surrounding locality. One who collects more than 10 kg plastic waste is awarded with free stationery.

Idkidu CA Bank has four branches in the village. At least one person from each house is the member of this bank having a total number of 2,000 members. The bank has deposits worth 7 crore and about Rs 6.5 crore loans have been disbursed to the villagers. 200 ‘Navoday groups’ and 175 women self-help groups are also attached to the bank. The chairman of the bank is elected unanimously and cannot contest for the second time. Karnataka Government has also awarded this bank.

There are three co-operative milk schemes in Idkidu village which is the highest milk producer in the district. 400 families in the village have their dairy business along with farming. 7.5 lakh litres milk is exported per year with an income of Rs 1 crore. Financial status of the village has now elevated that has resulted in improvement in the nourishment of children.

Gobar gas plants have been set up in 100 houses because of which the expenses on LPG have been saved and firewood consumption is also lowered. Slurry is utilized as manure in the farms. Bank officials are also co-operating in setting up new plants.

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Shri Padmanabh Konkodi

Kankodi House, Idikidu Village,

Tal. Bentawal, Dist. Dakshin Karnataka,

Idikidu – 574220. (Karnataka)

Phone: 08242-281221 (R), 2410644 (O)

(M) 9448142221 – Fax (08242) 2421407

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How to reach:

The district place of Dakshin Karnataka district is Mangalore. Idikidu is a small village in Bentwal tahasil.

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