Pooja performed during reconversion ceremony

Frustrated after converted to Islam, Family returns to Hinduissm at Udupi

Pooja performed during reconversion ceremony

Udupi July 14-2011: For his love for a Muslim girl, he took no time to leave his mother religion. 5 years ago Prashanth Shetty married his lover Mushra. He got converted to Islam, appeared in a new name and new Muslim style. After 5 years he realised the situation, was frustrated to be a Muslim decided to return along with his wife and kids.

In a simple religious ceremony of reconversion (Paravartan) at Saralebettu Shivapadi Sri Umamaheshwari Temple near Manipal of Udupi district in Karnataka, family of Prashanth Shetty voluntarily returned to Hinduism. The family signed a letter stating the acceptance of Hinduism at the temple.

Prashanth Shetty with his family

Mushra now called with a new name Prathibha Shetty, elder son Naveen Shetty (Mohammed Iqbual), second son Umesh Shetty (Mohammed Irshan), daughter Prathima Shetty (Fathima Yasmin), and younger son Suresh (Mohammed Jalaluddeen) are now returned to Hinduism.

‘I am happy to be a Hindu; my husband never forced me to live with any restrictions. Where my husband goes i will follow him as a wife’ says Prathibha Shetty.

During the ceremony Jilla Sanghachalak of RSS Sri Shamhu Shetty, VHP district General Secretary Muttar Ganesh Kini, Municipal corporator Shyam Prasad Kudva and few others were present.


14 thoughts on “Frustrated after converted to Islam, Family returns to Hinduism at Udupi

  1. i m vry happy to read this news and hope many of hindu will convert more muslim girls in hindu releagion to improve our hindu dharm
    it is style of muslim boys to convert our girls in muslim relgion. god bless to setty family and we proud of on mushra which is with setty family

  2. Om,
    Udupi ka news sunke bhut khushi huee.
    We always support RSS. Jo Desh keliye Kaam karega, we support them. Hindu Dharm sabi dharm ka base hai & sab se achha hai firbhi log kyo Muslim & Christian ko convert hote hai? Sabiko apne apne dharm ka respcet & maintain karna chahiye.

  3. hinduism is the best religion of the world, but certain kind of introspection is to be done and efforts be made to find the reasons for conversion to other religions. The curse of castism should also be fought with an eye to check the trend of conversion. More and more efforts be made to reconversion to Hinduism.

  4. Sir,
    Namaskar. The RSS,VHP and Bajrang dal are doing a commendable work.
    Hope, the Hindu society will welcome the ‘lost’ family and there would be no problem in marriages of the Shetty children within the Hindu fold when they grow up. SC Panda

  5. Its a very good news for Hindus. All the Hindus should Welcome Prasanth & his family members. Very good work done by RSS members. Three cheers for RSS…

  6. We all must welcome Prashanth and his family, and treat him/family as part of the Sanatan Dharma. It is due lack of self-respect and confidence, some ignorant Hindus quickly convert to xtianism and islam for love, monetary benefits and so on. It is also due part to our education system, which does not allow Hindus to study sastras like Bhagavad Gita to built pride, confidence and self-respect in us. Every follower of Sanatan Dharma must read and practice Bhagavad Gita for their own welfare and for the greater good of Bharat.

  7. we should always try our level best to spread our religion.we should help people to understand that hinduism is the best for live in peace.It is not needed to reject your own religion.one thing muslim have many media and they are also using love jihad for conversion.AND also try our level best to protect our pakistani hindu from foced conversion. Another thing to control the alarming and blasterd birth rate.

  8. Good news, we need to keep our religions and traditions together. Conversion because “it will bring you closer to God” is nonsense. We should all work towards humanity and maintain peace.

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