Update on Relief Activities as on 31st August 2013

RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat to visit RSS initiated flood relief projects at Maneri and Laksheshwar of Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand on Oct 4th.2013

1. Disaster Management workshop:

Uttarakhand recently faced a huge natural calamity that took away lives of thousands of human beings and animals, property worth several thousand crores was destroyed, life in the beautiful hill state came to an absolute standstill. To find out answers to many questions that were floating and taking shapes of rumors and heresay, as almost all National scientific institutions are located in Uttarakhand and many of the former, retired scientists are staying in Dehradun, a workshop was held on 30th  and 31st of August to recommend sustainable development and balance between environment and development.

The topics discussed were, “Lessons from the 2013 Uttarakhand Disaster”, “Cloud  burst and flash floods in Uttarakhand Himalayas”, “Whether the disaster was natural or man made”, “Disaster Risk Reduction and Management’, “The Bio-security and development Policy(roadmap) for the 3rd Pole-Himalaya”, “The need and prospects of hydro energy in India in general and Uttarakhand in particular, Ecological scientific point way forward”. The panel will reach the conclusion based upon the outcome of the discussions.

This seminar was organized where eminent natural scientists, journalists, scholars and stakeholders discussed and addressed the following most prominent question:

a) Was this calamity natural calamity or it was a man made calamity?

b) Did this happen due to uplifting the Dhari Devi idol to safer place?

c) For the frequent cloud bursts and floods in Uttarakhand , are the hydro power projects responsible?

d) Can floods be forewarned and damage is minimized?

e) Tourism and Hydel power production is the backbone of economy of the mountain state of Uttarakhand, post calamity, what are the steps being taken to resurrect them?

f) What are the ways to improve upon the HDI of Uttarakhandis?

Tourism has taken a hit in Uttrakhand post flash floods with people now scared coming to the hill state. Entire economy rests on tourism and now its gone. Chief Minister said the mid-june incident happened in Kedarnath area but tourists number have fallen drastically in Dehradun, Nainital and Mussorie too.” The entire road around Kedarnath is gone and 78 villages are yet to be connected with power.”The temple area has been cleared and a bridge installed. Priests will start puja from September 11 in Kedarnath”.

2.Education to students:

In order to provide residential education to children affected by the disaster, facilities have been created at the following places for adopting these children for rehabilitation and providing education upto 10th Class and Vocational Training thereafter, to establish them to earn a livelihood thereafter in their own villages.

For No.                    Joined as on

of children              01/09/2013

a)     Sevashram, Maneri (Uttarkashi)                   100                         63

b)     Sevashram, Laksheshwar (Uttarkashi)          30                           14

c)     Danvir Karn, Sevashram Naitwar, Block Mori

(Purola)                                                             100                         67

d)     Sudarshan Sevashram, Sumanagar

(Dehradun)                                                          30                          22

e)    Shri Dev Suman Sevashram, Koti colony         100                       17


f)      Sevashram Guptakashi(Kedarnath)                 35                          18

Total children             395                       201

The cost of maintenance for each child’s including school fees and books and stationary, uniform, other expenses, food and fuel, clothing ,Medical, Pocket money, Travelling and other expenses on children, staff salary and benefits ,Administrative expenses, Repairs and maintenance,  Property upkeep, and other incidental expenses comes to Rs.2,500p.m. The total cost per month comes to Rs.5,02,500/-. Sponsors are required for these children.

3. The Infrastructure Development for making the project Operational is as under:

a) Maneri            :     Rs.5,85,000/-

b) Laksheshwar   :    Rs.1,35,000/-

c) Naitwar            :    Rs.2,33,000/-

d) Tehri                 :    Rs.3,35,000 /-

e) Guptkashi         :    Rs.8,85,000/-

The expenses have already been incurred from Earmarked funds and require to be sponsored by Donors.

4. Medical relief:

Medical dispensaries/centres have been opened at the following places on the Kedarnath route:-

Place                                        Total Initial Expenditure incurred on                             Furniture, Equipment, Opd center, five beds in patient Department, Repairs and Renovation.

a) Lawar Andwari (Guptkashi)                          Rs.3,25,000/-

b) Narayan Koti                                                  Rs.5,30, 00/-

c) Nagjai                                                              Rs.4,25,000/-

d) Mansuna Unyani                                           Rs.4,25,000/-

The monthly expenses of each Medical center are estimated as under:

a) Salaries:

Doctor                                     :        Rs.15,000/-

Compounder                          :        Rs.10,000/-

Helper                                     :        Rs. 6,000/-

Ayahs 2                                   :        Rs.12,000/-


Rs. 43,000/-

b) Medicines                          :        Rs.30,000/-

c) Administrative Expenses   :        Rs. 6,000/-


Rs. 79,000/- Total expenses per month

Or say                Rs. 80,000/- per month

It is proposed to develop these centers into effective hospitals to cater

to the need of the local villagers. Each center covers around 30 villages.

It is proposed to add one mobile dispensary van ambulance at each

Center as funds are available. Additional cost would be as under:

a) Cost of ambulance van, Registration

and Insurance                                   :    Rs.  9,00,000/-

b) Cost of fuel                                        :    Rs.15, 000/- p.m

c) Cost OF Repairs and Maintenance  :    Rs.3,000/- p.m

d) Salary of Driver                                  :    Rs.9,000 p.m

Total cost per month – Rs.27,000/- p.m

Say    Rs. 30,000/- per month


5. Help to Destitute Families.

Sponsors have come forward to help and support families who have lost their home and belongings in the floods, Taking an average of 5 members in a family, we plan to provide 5 blankets, 1 set cooking utensils,

5 set Eating utensils, 1 pressure cooker, 1 stove, 1 solar lamp(lantern),

1 water filter, 2 Umbrella, 10 Thick plastic sheets, 3 buckets, 5 pairs chappals, 5 dhoti’s(Ladies).

We have received sponsorship for support of 120 families.

6. Reconstruction of Buildings, Commercial and Individual is still under consideration of Govt. Private participation is under active consideration and implementing policy plan is still pending.

7. We have also received sponsorship for pension to 10 widows for one year to cover the period within which they are expected to set an economically viable income project or alternatively to seek employment.

8.      The Chief of RSS, Shri Mohan Bhagwat ji, visiting Uttarkashi and will grace our projects at Maneri and Laksheshwar on 4th and 5th Oct. 2013 to sets and finalize our plans of relief operations in the Bhagarathi, Kedarnath and Badrinath areas. We are gearing up for this rare occasion.


President                          Treasurer                            Secretary General


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