Dr Madhav Bhandary, former Mangalore Vibhag Sanghachalak

Mangalore July 17: Veteran Swayamsevak, Former Mangalore Vibhag Sanghachalak Dr Madhav Bhandari expired on Tuesday night. He was 72years of age. Dr Madhav Bhandari was suffering from short-term age-old illness.

Dr Madhav Bhandary, former Mangalore Vibhag Sanghachalak

Dr Madhav Bhandari, a popular physician of Mangalore City and Vibhag Sanghachalak had a wide public relation through which hundreds of citizens came in contact with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh at Mangalore.

Born in Mangalore in 1940, Dr Madhav Bhandari completed his school education at Canara High school Urwa. Later he completed his studies in medicine at Kasturba Medical College. Since then he was a practicing Physician in Alopathy.

During 1967, Dr Madhav Bhandary came in contact with RSS. In 1968, an interaction with the then second Sarasanghachalak of RSS, Guruji Golwalkar turned Dr Madhav Bhandary’s life vision. Since then till death he was an active functionary of RSS holding various responsibilities.

In 1990, after the death of Panchamal Vasudeva Kamath, Dr Madhav Bhandari became Vibhag Sanghachalak of Mangalore, comprising Udupi district, Dakshina Kannada District, Kodagu district and Kasaragod  areas. He was holding the responsibility till 2006 as Vibhag Sanghachalak.

During movement against Emergency , Dr Bhandary successfully mobilized thousands of youth. Dr Madhav Bhandary remembered as one of the  major driving force in the Ayodhya Movement of 1992, various Hindu Samajostsav held at Mangalore, Mathru Sangama, Samarasya Sangama and several other mammoth Sanghaparivar Conventions held at Mangalore. 

Dr Bhandary was closely associated with Atal Bihari Vajapeyee, LK Advani, Ashok Singhal, KS Sudarshan, Late HV Sheshadri and several other prominent national leaders of Sanghaparivar.

He also held various responsibilities RSS initiated organisations like Hosadigantha, Keshava Smruthi Samvardhana Samiti etc which were grown and established due the contributions of key persons like Dr Madhav Bhandary.

Yogasana  and lectures on Yoga practices, Cricket, Drama were the fields in which Dr Bhandary was keenly interested. ‘Atreya’ was the popular clinic in Mannagudda, where Dr Bhandary was practicing. He also served as Chairman of Mangalore Urban Development Authority (MUDA), twice.

RSS top functionaries  Dattatreya Hosabale, Bhagaiyah, Mangesh Bhende, Ma Venkataramu, Mai Cha Jayadev, Da Ma Ravindra, Chandrashekhara Bhandari,  Ram Madhav, Akhil Bharatiya Saha Prachar Pramukh Nanda Kumar and several others expressed their condolences.

Dr Madhav Bhandari, former Mangalore Vibhag Sanghachalak
Dr Madhava Bhandary

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  1. An Irreplacable loss Hope God almighty give strength to all to bear this greif
    I recently Read in a book which says ” He who performs his bounden duty without leaning to the fruit of Action — he is a renouncer of action as well as of stead fast mind: not he who is without fire,nor he who is without action . Most probably it is From Bhagavadgita and it is Apt to the life of Manya bhandariji

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