VHP Announces Nation-wide ‘Hindu Roti & Shiksha Bachaao’ Agitation Against Muslim Reservations

Demands Immediate Withdrawal of 4.5% Muslim quota within OBC’s 27%

New Delhi, December 23, 2011

Claiming that govt of India’s hurried move to give 4.5% quota to Muslims from the poor OBC (Other Backward Classes) 27% reservations is a blatant violation of Bharat’s Constitution & is aimed at destroying Majority’s democratic rights, Dr Pravin Togadia, International Working President of VHP announced a nation-wide peaceful & democratic Agitation with immediate effect. This agitation will be called ‘Hindu Roti & Shiksha Bachao Andolan’ (Save Hindu Roti & Education Agitation).

Today for electoral politics Govt has bent before Muslims who do not follow basic family planning norm. By giving 4.5% quota to Muslims within 27% reservations meant for poor OBCs, Govt has snatched educational seats, jobs, bank loans & other facilities which were meant entirely for the real deserving OBCs. It will not stop here. It will lead to giving quota to Muslims & Christians from extremely backward Scheduled Castes. Reservations meant for Scheduled Tribes are already being grabbed by Christians. For vote bank, this will go up to constitutional amendment to give separate reservations to Muslims because Bharat’s constitution does not permit religion-based reservations, snatching  open merit category Hindus jobs & education.

VHP demands immediate withdrawal of any quota given to Muslims & Christians from any existing reservations meant for OBCs, SCs, STs & NTs. VHP also warns govt not to snatch educational seats, jobs, bank loans etc either of these poor or of Hindus from open merit category. Some erstwhile castes of Muslims are already included & getting benefit from OBC list. These castes should immediately be removed from OBC list. Govt should immediately reject the biased & unfounded reports of Justice Rajendra Sachhar Committee & Rangnath Mishra Commission quoting which various post holders from the Union Govt.- Hon. PM, Law Minister etc as well as Muslim leaders claim that Muslims are poor & therefore they ‘deserve’ special facilities & reservations. VHP will NOT allow this or Christian reservation from SC quota.

VHP announces that the Hindu Roti & Education Bachao Andolan will continue until all Muslim & Christian reservations are immediately withdrawn & until the Govt apologizes to Bharat for such a blatant anti constitutional move hurting Hindus & democracy immensely.

VHP also warns that those who demand, support, propagate & give reservations to Muslims & Christians will have to face the democratic wrath of the majority Hindus in the upcoming elections. VHP demands a case of Treason on all people who demand, support, propagate & give religion – based reservations as this very act is unconstitutional.

Dr Togadia appeals to all Hindus to stand united as ONE irrespective of caste, region, language etc against such a dangerous move that can wipe out Hindus & democracy from Bharat. He also appeals all Hindus to support the ‘Hindu Roti & Shiksha Bachao Agitation’ nationally & internationally.


Issued By: Dr Pravin Togadia, International Working President, VHP

Email: drtogadia@gmail.com

1 thought on “VHP announces Nationwide ‘Hindu Roti & Shiksha Bachaao’ agitation against Muslim reservations

  1. Dr.Togaria Ji,Jai Hind. It is a matter of shame that an highly educated upper caste person like you is speaking against educationally backward low caste muslim OBCs of hindu origin.Pakistan was made by high caste creamy layer muslims of foreign origin. Please do not punish ‘Attae Kae Saath Ghun’.Muslim-OBCs are ‘Bharat Maata ki Santaan’ but not ‘Baabar ki Santaan’. Myself being a doctor I highly respect you. In the name of Hippocratic Oath, I appeal to brother Togaria that you will spread message of love & peace and human respect, for which our profession is known. Hindus are our elder brothers.Please do not get upset if any illiterate mulla is saying any bakwaas.The educated muslims (like me) are with you to request “.Eshwar/Allah hamaari energy ko constructive works mae lagaae, jis sae bharat ka nav nirmaan ho”.Even in Saudi Arabia most of my indian collegue doctors are indian hindus & very few are indian muslim doctors. Belive me, indian muslims are really backward. We have to bring them in to National Main Stream by positive discrimination(reservation) by giving them representation in various aspects of life.This step will prevent them going to kattarwadi madarsas and becoming prey to foreign terrorists. Even in Pakistan’s National Assembly & jobs, there is reservation for minorities including Hindus,Christians etc.Justice Bhagwaan Das was Chief Justice of Pakistan although Hindus in Pakistan are very few.But India is the worid’s second largest muslim’s country next after Indonesia. Learn from Christian Missionaries that only love & helping people in their education & jobs can convert or re-convert(shudhi of muslims)but not by working against them. So,now say with me, Vandae Matraam; Bharat Maata ki Jai;Hindu Muslim Sikh Esaai, Aapas mae hae hum sab Bhartiay bhai bhai.

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