Disclaimer of the Posts on My Hacked Face Book Page: Dr Pravin Togadia

New Delhi, February 19, 2013

I, Dr Pravin Togadia, International Working President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) hereby solemnly declare

  1. That the Face Book that I had created some time back that is namely www.facebook.com/togadia which as over 6000 Likes has been noticed to be hacked since February 18, 2013 since after 18.45 hours.
  2. That the last post which I had posted authentically on the above-said Face Book Page was that of a link of Mumbai VHP photo in which Mumbai VHP is seen handing over a memorandum to the District Collector. I had shared the said link around 18.30 hours or so on the said page.
  3. That after that I have been informed since February 18, 2013 around 20.00 hours that there had been some strange posts unlike those by me earlier as the usual visitors of the said page had known my styles.
  4. That when seen around 22.00 hours on February 18, 2013, I also noticed to my utter shock that the access to me to the said page has been removed & that there were 2 politically coloured posts.
  5. That I had immediately realized that since those were not the posts by me & the fact that my access t the said page had been removed by the so called Hackers of the said page. I immediately posted the information on Tweeter & my regular Face Book account as well as on Hindu News Network that the said page had been hacked & that the visitors of that page should not treat the posts after 18.45 hours of February 18, 2013 as my posts. I also informed some of the regular communicators on my Face Book about the said hacking of my said page.
  6. That I

    also made an appeal to the so called Hackers to surrender the admin of my page which they had unlawfully hacked & had been since using for defamatory, damaging & politically motivated posts putting my life in danger. I also appealed to them that I would not pursue a legal action if they apologize in a few hours for hacking of my said page. This I chose to do for a simple reason that is it has become a fun & fashion among kids to hack Face Book pages & emails randomly just for the sake of it. I thought that someone had done it to my page in a same way.

  7. That however, on the morning of February 19, 2013 I was told that there had been a post on the said hacked page to which I had already lost access, about Swamy Vivekananda’s thoughts on Islam.
  8. That I still waited for the hackers to surrender the admin to me & apologize but instead of doing so they seem to have again done an abusive post which is completely politically motivated & is with obvious intension to damage my image & misguide over 6000 people who have been following that page as my page.
  9. That knowing well my ideology & our organization VHP’s ideology, the said hackers had indulged in a serious type of a cyber crime & also had hacked the Face Book page of the organization Vishwa Hindu Parishad on which they had allegedly used derogatory words for Hindu Deities.

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10. That both the actions as mentioned above here, tantamount to a malicious, intentional & defamatory Cyber Crime against me, the organization that I belong to & also to the ideology we belong to.

11. That I hereby officially deny any responsibility whatsoever for the posts that had been posted on the said Face Book pages from February 18, 2013 after 18.45 hours.

12. That any liability of the repercussions of the said damaging Face Book page posts on the said posts after that said page had been hacked by the unknown entities will be on the hackers & the people who got them act in such a criminal way fully knowing that hacking the pages of a Hindu Organization & its leader can create severe circumstances for the organization, the leader, the followers on the said pages & also to the society at large.

13. That any damage caused to me, my organization or to my family by such a shameful cyber crime by the said hackers & their so called political master minds will be a legal, technical & social responsibility of the said hackers & their master-minds.

14. That while I appeal all at large & specifically the workers associated with VHP & with the ideology as well as the loyal followers on the said pages not to draw any final conclusion as to who, why did such a cyber crime to all of us & keep calm until the real culprits behind the hackers are not come to light because the said posts do not look as simple as that of a fun-hacker; they are specifically politically targeted to misguide some political groups as well as get my popular Face Book page & other such account at a standstill to ill-affect the organizational activities.

15. That while I condemn the said hackers & the master-minds behind them, I urge everyone’s help in restoring the admin of my page to me as the said page has been my creation & I have full right to reclaim it.

16. That the VHP page has also been hacked in the same way same time & all the above points from Point Number 1 to the point number 15 are applicable to the said VHP page as well.

17. That those who have been communicating with me on the said page now are requested to communicate with me on the page of www.facebook.com/HHL-Hindu-Help-Line/133768866764910 and totally get out of the said hacked page www.facebook.com/togadia

18. That I also urge the Face Book company to help me restore my Face Book page as nobody else has any legal, technical or moral right to misuse & manipulate my organization’s or my pages in anyways unless officially authorized which I had never.

19. That I urge the Union Govt to take a cognizance of my above note & help me locate the said hackers & their politically motivated master-minds with social evil in their minds towards me & our organization.


Contact:  drtogadia@gmail.com

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