Dr Pravin Togadia, VHP Chief

Here is Dr Praven Togadia’s letter to the Hon. Prime Minister of India that is Bharat with a copy to the Secretary General of the UN, Head of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, India’s Home Minister & External Affairs Minister, Hon. President of India, President Vladimir Putin – Russia, President Obama – US and the Hon Chief Justice of Hon Supreme Court of India.

Dr Pravin Togadia, VHP Chief

It is about the Rohingya Muslims infiltrated in India & straight now parking themselves in front of the UNHCR office & in nearby Mosques demanding Refugee status. These Rohingya Muslims have proven Jehadi Terror links as per the other attached documents as Appendix (total 4). The same Rohingya Muslims did massacre & ethnic cleansing of Buddhists recently in their area that is Arakan between Bangla Desh & Myanmar for demanding separate Islamic state. Some Buddhists like Chakma tribe who survived there, are now in Tripura of India. Rohingyas are projecting themselves as victims, however, there is a current alert about their Jehadi terror links with LET, ISI, Al Qaeda, HUJI, IM & others related to Agfhan Taliban who fought with Russia & also the groups in Kashmir.

The Rohingya Muslims, helped by some Govt of India’s committee members like Nawab Zafar Jung (Ex VC of Jamia Milia University) & leftist students union of JNU are lobbying with the UN & UNHCR for Refugee status. If that happens, then India will have to bear the load of over 40+ Lakh (4 Million) Rohingya Muslims making India’s safety & security more fragile. Therefore, my letter to the PM & others to immediately deport Rohingya Muslims & prevent the UNHCR from giving them refugee status, prosecuting all those who helped them infiltrate in India now & reach straight to Delhi & all those who are sheltering them & doing their PR. It also will damage India’s relations with all Buddhists nations as well as with America & Russia as they all have suffered due to Rohingya Muslims; Jehadi terror. Thailand still has a blanket ban on them.
Kindly help protect the world & India by spreading this as much & urging the PM of India, heads of other nations & the UN, UNHCR as mentioned. Dhanyavaad & regards. Let us together make a difference, says  Dr Pravin Togadia


From Dr Pravin Togadia,

International Working President, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP),

Sankatmochan, Sector 6, R. K. Puram, New Delhi – 110020

Date: May 14, 2012


Shri Manmohan ji Singh,

Hon. Prime Minister,

Govt of India

New Delhi

Subject: Infiltrators named ‘Rohingya Muslims’ from Bangla Desh in Delhi demanding refugee status from the United Nations (UN) through United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) office in Delhi.

Reference: Information from various authentic sources & complaints that we received from the residents of the related areas in New Delhi and attached appendix (total 4) about terror links of Rohingya Muslims.

Dear Sir,

Jai Shreeram. With reference to the above, I hereby wish to draw your attention to the following extremely urgent issues related to India’s safety & security:

  1. Approximately 3000+ Rohingya Muslims infiltrated from Bangla Desh border & reached up to India’s capital New Delhi have parked themselves – men, women, children etc. – in various areas in & around New Delhi. Before we get into the basic question that how such a large number of infiltrating groups could even enter India’s border & reach nation’s capital, I wish to inform you that this large group of Rohingya Muslims has been creating danger & dirt for the residents of New Delhi especially near the UNHCR office in Vasant Vihar, demanding Refugee Status from the UN.
  2. After much complaining & our peaceful intervention, these Rohingya Muslims have been now sheltered in the Mosques in the villages near Vasant Vihar area of New Delhi where the UNHCR office is located. They have been sheltered there by the Ex Vice Chancellor of Jamia Milia Islamic University Mr. Nawab Zafar Jung who also happens to be now a sitting member of the Government of India’s Monitoring Committee for Minority Education.
  3. Holding a Govt post & yet helping the illegal infiltrators not only reach New Delhi all the way from the Bangla Desh – Myanmar border, but also sheltering them in the mosques nearby despite complaints by the local residents, is a completely anti-national activity by a Govt Committee member.
  4. For your ready reference: Rohingya Muslims is the community that is born of Burmese (Myanmar) mothers & Bangla Desh Muslim Fathers & the community follows Islam. Staying in Arakan area at the border of Bangla Desh & Myanmar, they are internationally known for the massacres & ethnic cleansing of Buddhists (Chakma Buddhists & others) that Rohingya Muslims did just 10-15 years back.
  5. Some of the survived Buddhists are still staying in the worse human conditions in India that is Bharat in Tripura & surrounding areas. Rohingyas are also known for killing thousands of people from Jumma Tribe in their area.
  1. Rohingya Muslims, the way they have suddenly popped up in New Delhi with the help of local Muslims in Bharat, also tried to infiltrate Thailand & create terror there. Thailand has therefore banned the entry of Rohingya Muslims.  (Reference: Attached Appendix)
  1. More so, as the said Rohingya Muslims have a track record of Jehadi Terrorism, not just in their own area that is a Arakan at Bangla Desh – Myanmar border, but also in Afghanistan, on Russia Border, Thailand & Saudi Arabia etc. (Please refer to the attached Appendix Number 1: Bin Laden & Rohingya Muslims – Weekly Blitz, Appendix 2: Paper – Suicide Jihadi Terrorism in Bangla Desh- by Shri B. Raman, Additional Secretary (Retd.), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt of India & Director, Institute for Tropical Studies, Chennai & other attached documents)
  1. The above documents by the authentic sources clearly prove that the Rohingya Muslims are directly involved in Jehadi Terror activities independently & also through their Terror outfit RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization). The above documents mentioned in my point number 7 also prove in no uncertain terms the serious links of Rohingya Muslims with HUJI, Al Qaeda, ISI, LET & other Jehadi operatives in Pakistan, Bangla Desh, Afghanistan & more importantly, in Jammu & Kashmir.
  1. American Govt has issued a serious Jehadi Threat alert about the Rohingya Muslim community recently & also declared them terrorists since they fought hand in hand with Talibans in Afghanistan on the border of Russia during Afghanistan – Russia war. (Apart from the above ref documents: See Appendix 3: Bangla Desh- Breeding Ground for Terror – Asia Times printed interview of American Govt & Military officials – CNN) This clearly mentions specific Rohingya Muslims as Jehadi terror group having links with most Jehadi operatives for current & active Jehad.

10. There are over 40+ Lakh (4 Million) Rohingya Muslims in the world. They are spread as follows:

a)    Burma : 20 Lakh (2 M)

b)    Bangla Desh : 6 Lakhs (0.6 M)

c)    Pakistan: 3.5 Lakh (0.35 M)

d)    Saudi Arabia: 4 Lakh (0.4 M)

e)    Thailand: 1 Lakh (0.1 M)

11. Rohingya Muslims’ mother country Myanmar, with the new democratic rule there now, has asked them to get out due to their Jehadi activities & mainly because of their war against Myanmar for creating a separate Islamic State – Arakan.

  1. 12.  After using Rohingya Muslims for spreading Jehadi terror all over the world, in Myanmar & in Bharat, now Bangla Desh has realized that globally Rohingya Muslims are now exposed in Jehadi Terror & creating a separate state dividing Bangla Desh, now their father’s country Bangla Desh also is chasing them out.
  1. 13.  After trying to settle in Thailand etc & being shunned everywhere because of Jehadi Terror links, now the Rohingya Muslims have fixed their eyes on India that is Bharat. Therefore, over 3000+ of them have parked themselves in & around capital New Delhi demanding Refugee Status by the UN.

14. With men, women, children (2 women even delivered kids in Delhi recently!), these Rohingya Muslims are now playing a diplomatic Jehadi war against Bharat by pushing the UN to give them Refugee status. This means that Bharat will never be then able to ask them to leave Bharat irrespective of their Jehadi Terror links or activities. At this moment only 3000+ Rohingya Muslims are seen in Delhi, but the way they entered Bharat all the way from Bangla Desh border, proves that they have strong support from either the Jehadi groups in Bharat or/ and by the Govts. Otherwise without any interruption, such a large group of infiltrators known for Jehad would have never reached New Delhi. And after reaching there, would not have been sheltered, supported & lobbied for by the Govt committee member.

15. The Rohingya Muslims, well taken care of by such groups & a few students unions in Delhi have been doing international Public Relations & lobbying projecting them as ‘victims’ of bangle Desh’s tyranny & therefore getting Refugee Status to force Govt of India to give them shelter, food, education, jobs & then citizenship to their kids. At this moment, even though only 3000+ are seen in Delhi, they either may be hiding all over India or waiting to hoard immediately in India once they get the Refugee status.

16. As the Rohingya Muslims are responsible for the massacre & ethnic cleansing of the peace loving Buddhists like Chakma Buddhists etc in the Arakan area near India border, any effort of Govt of India to help Rohingya Muslims will permanently spoil Indi’s relations with all Buddhists & Buddhist nations hurting over 100 Crore (1000 Million) Buddhists & more than that Hindus globally & in India!

Our Urgent Demands:


  1. Rohingya Muslims are known & proven Jehadi Terrorists condemned by & currently alerted about by the American & European Govts, Russian Govt & by the international terrorism research groups & institutions. Sheltering them in India means sheltering Jehadi Terror. We demand that the Govt of India immediately deport them from where they came without any further delay.
  2. There should be a blanket ban on the entry of the Rohingya Muslims into India from any border or by any means.
  3. Govt of India should write to the United Nations & to UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) in New York & in New Delhi NOT to give them any status (Refugee, Asylum Seeker or any such) ever.
  4. As Rohingya Muslims are directly involved in the HUJI, IM, Pakistan’s ISI & other such Jehadi linked terror in Jammu & Kashmir as well as on the borders, those who helped them enter India, travel through various Indian states up till Delhi, gave them shelter & other help should immediately prosecuted for Treason & under all prevailing anti Terror laws.

Page 4

  1. Once it is found out exactly who are the people & institutions have been helping Jehadi Terror Group Rohingya Muslims, in India, such institutions should be banned & people running them should be prosecuted.
  2. India that is Bharat already has been facing various Jehadi terror threats. Despite international terror alert about Rohingya Muslims, if Govt of India does not take immediate actions against them, then this would clearly mean a political decision to support Jehadi terror group. This will put Bharat’s safety & security in danger.
  3. Considering the relations of India with America & Russia, sheltering the Rohingya Muslims despite these countries warning about them will permanently spoil India’s diplomatic relations with them. Therefore, Govt of India should take help from America & Russia to prevail on the UN for not giving Refugee status to Rohingya Muslims.
  4. This is an urgent matter as the Rohingya Muslims have been bragging that on May 15, 2012 they will get the Refugee status by the UN. Therefore, if the Govt of India is truly serious about the war against terror as it keeps on saying on various forums, then leaving aside the slow Govt processes, every step should be taken to stop the UN from giving Refugee status to the Rohingya Muslims as it will not only harm the majority of Bharat but will lead to the second partition as well as destruction of resources of Bharat with over 40 Lakh (4 Million) Rohingya Muslims putting their additional load on India with their Jehadi terror links!

Dhanyavaad & hoping for a quick & concrete action against Rohingya Muslims


Dr Pravin Togadia

Copy to:

  1. The Secretary General, United Nations, New York, USA
  2. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – HO, New York
  3. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – New Delhi
  4. The Hon. President – India
  5. The Home Minister, Govt of India
  6. The External Affairs Minister, Govt of India
  7. President, Russia
  8. President, United State of America
  9. The Hon. Chief Justice, Hon. Supreme Court of India

Attached Appendix:

  1. Bin Laden & Rohingya Muslims – Weekly Blitz
  2. Paper – Suicide Jihadi Terrorism in Bangla Desh- by Shri B. Raman, Additional Secretary (Retd.), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt of India & Director, Institute for Tropical Studies, Chennai
  3. Bangla Desh- Breeding Ground for Terror – Asia Times printed interview of American Govt & Military officials – CNN
  4. 4.    Rohingya Terrorism: Terrorism Monitor – Volume 6, Issue 10. 

15 thoughts on “VHP writes to PM, UN asks to Deport Jehadi Rohingya Muslims from Delhi to Bangladesh

  1. Dr, Pravin Togadia, supriseing on your letter against helpless and Poor Rohingya refugee but i think you are brian washed with anti Rohingya .Rohingya had been killed 80000 thousand by Budhist in Arakan in World War secand in April 1942.Even until today Rohingya have no right to be Slave only for food in their own country.You are as a great leader ,should not take action against Rohingya.Every community have good and bad people.Every country have prison and temple.
    Do you remenber 2007 Safron revolution what the Burmese governament did with innocent budhist monk????Burmese dictator regime claim that budhist monk were terror and Aung San Suu Kyi are supporter of terror.What do you want to say.???Do you belive it.Please,stop to make propaganda against innocent Rohingya.

  2. From my years of research on the Rohingya and Rakhine people of Bura, I came to the conclusion that it is not the Rohingya people’s origin in Arakan that matters but the fear of them called xenophobia that matters the most and these fears are being perpetuated by people like Aye Chan and Aye Kyaw who live in other countries, one in Japan another in Australia, calling themselves historians and propagating some protohistory to defend their points, causing human suffering to their fellow citizens.
    To deal with these issues I offered a live debate with them in a seminar and Aye Chan once agreed to have it in the UK but ended up having there with Rakhine only show and the seminar was cancelled due to his record of being a hate propagandist.
    I would like to say that Rohingyas are not terrorists but it is a concoction for them.

  3. Dear Delsoz Uwasy,
    It’s funny that u mentioned that seminar in UK because it does directly link to terrorism.
    A seminar was originally planned in one university but Tun Khin and Rohingya terrorist group called BROUK sent bomb threat. Seminar was moved from hotel to hotel because Rohingya terrorists keep threatening to attack. The hotels were afraid that their insurance would not cover if attack actually occurred. Another example of Rohingya terrorism.

  4. On April 24, 2012, Professor Dr. Amara Phongsaphit, Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand was invited by the Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) to be a resource person in a seminar, ‘Rohingya that the World Forget,’ convened by the Thai PBS’ Social Capital Network Division, Social Capital Bureau, at Building A, Thai PBS Headquarters in Bangkok with an objective to build up awareness on the existence of Rohingya people through seminar and public media, and to look for solutions to problems faced by this people together.

    Participants in the seminar included:

    1. Professor Dr. Amara Phongsaphit, Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRC),

    2. Dr. Sriprapha Phetmesri, Representative for Thailand in the Inter-ASEAN Governments Commission on Human Rights,

    3. Maung Kyaw Nu, Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand (BRAT),

    4. Phil Robertson, Deputy Director, Asia Division, and

    5. Sophie Ansel, a French reporter who is monitoring situations faced by the Rohingyas The seminar was moderated by Mr. Chairat Thomya, a Thai PBS anchorman.

    Dr. Sriprapha Phetmesri, Representative for Thailand in the Inter-ASEAN Governments Commission on Human Rights

    To solve this refugee problem (involving the Rohingyas), it must be made into a national problem and unavoidably raised for discussions. Academics in the region is a driver that could advocate, making Rohingya issues public ones that people know and talk about. Four issues are to be emphasized:

    1. No human being should be denied their basic rights because every human being must have a personal status. Denial of nationality and personal identity document, which is a basis for accessing other rights, is therefore a starting point of human rights violation.

    2. Rohingya is an indigenous people. It is noted that other indigenous peoples are facing similar problems because they are minority peoples. Being different from the majority, they are always denied their rights. The Rohingyas, however, often find themselves in graver situations.

    3. It is proposed that ASEAN makes Rohingya an ASEAN-level agenda. ASEAN must have political will to solve the problems. Leaders of each ASEAN country must join hands.

    4. ASEAN is building a community of benevolent societies, but benevolent societies would not be possible if some groups of people are still excluded.

    Phil Robertson, Deputy Director, Asia Division

    Rohingya people have been abused in all forms. Those living in Arakan State, for example, are being exploited, forced to work, forbidden to leave the area, denied of land ownership and required to seek permission in order to get married otherwise they would be arrested and detained, resulting in many of them decided to escape out of the area. Therefore, efforts should be made together to change mindset of Burmese government. In fact, apart from Myanmar, there are Rohingyas in several other countries, such as Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia. Efforts to deal with this problem, therefore, should be extended to those countries. In addition, it is proposed that neighbouring countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia join hands to pressure Burmese government to actively solve the Rohingya problem.

    Sophie Ansel, a French reporter who are monitoring situations faced by the Rohinya Although changes did occur in Myanmar as can be seen in a recent by-election, Rohingya is still a forbidden issue in the country. One factor contributing to the problem is that the Rohingyas are Muslim while Burmeses are Buddhist. To create equality, an order forbidding the Rohinyas to leave the area must be revoked.

    Professor Dr. Amara Phongsaphit, Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand, on the other hand, mentioned in the seminar that actually Rohingya people living in Thailand have more freedom than Rohingya people in their homeland as long as they do not commit wrongdoing. It was revealed in meetings between ASEAN member countries that an obstacle in having collective efforts to solve the Rohingya problem is ‘being considerate, afraid of offending another’s feeling’; no one therefore dare to raise the issue or directly criticize. To look for any way out of this problem, one needs to use imagination and regular consultations. ASEAN countries must be ready to talk openly about this problem, expose and explain it clearly, with cooperation between academics in the civil society sectors, neighbouring countries, super power countries and members of ASEAN.

    The NHRC Chairperson also mentioned related works carried out by the NHRC which regularly asked permission to visit the Immigration Office and talked to the Rohingyas there about their problems as grave human rights violation must not occur. The case of many Rohingya people being arrested in 2009 is an important lesson for responsible officials. They need to change their way of thinking, consciousness, and have human rights awareness and humanity. The NHRC Chairperson had an expectation that inhuman violation of human rights would have gone away.

  5. Dear Dr.Pravin,

    Myanmar is not the Rohingyas ‘s mother country.
    They are from Bagladesh! The place now they are trying to occupy is the home for one of Myanmar ethnics groups called Rakhine. Those are originally Buddhists.

    Rohingyas killed thousands of Rakhine. And some NGOs are making money and asking human rights and helping Rohingyas in that area. Local people are hardly get the jobs from NGOs as they offer to Rohingyas. These Muslims now ask that they are one of the ethnics of Myanmar.

  6. Rohingyas are a security threat not only to India but to Bangladesh also. Many of them live in refugee camps in southern chittagong, places like patenga,coxs bazar. These God forsaken people are the breeding ground for jihadi terrorists. The places they live remind me of Afghanistan. No wonder Myanmar drove them out. These people needs to be rehabilitated to some islands in pacific ocean so that no civilized man come in touch with them.

  7. Widespread violations of basic human rights against Rohingyas population in Burma continue unabated at the hand of Burmese military regime despite the presence of UNHCR officials over there. These rights abuses are carried out severely in places not out of the sight of UNHCR, but misleading and false propaganda are often circulated to conceal the truth. One the cheapest propaganda is that the Rohingyas are leaving Arakan for economic reasons. But the truth is never spoken. In fact, there is no security of life, property, honor, and dignity of the Rohingya. Extra-judicial killing and summary executions, rape of women, arbitrary arrest and tortures, forced labor, force relocation, confiscation of moveable and immovable properties, religious sacrileges etc are regular occurrences in Arakan.

  8. Two Indian groups urged Indian Prime
    Minister Dr. Manmaohan Singh to press for
    further democratic reforms during his three-
    day visit to Burma starting Thursday.
    The Indian Parliamentarians’ Forum for
    Democracy (IPFDB) in Burma released a
    statement calling on Singh to push for the
    release of all political prisoners.
    The Burma Centre Delhi released a statement
    backed by 27 civil society groups calling for
    Singh to call for an end to “the atrocities
    targeting ethnic areas particularly in Kachin
    State, the restoration of the civil and
    democratic rights of the Rohingya, the end of
    atrocities in Arakan and safe repatriation of
    the Rohingya.

  9. Human rights violations against Rohingya
    According to Amnesty International , the
    Muslim Rohingya people have continued to
    suffer from human rights violations under
    the Burmese junta since 1978, and many
    have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh as a
    “The Rohingyas’ freedom of movement
    is severely restricted and the vast
    majority of them have effectively been
    denied Burma citizenship. They are also
    subjected to various forms of extortion
    and arbitrary taxation; land
    confiscation; forced eviction and house
    destruction; and financial restrictions on
    marriage. Rohingyas continue to be
    used as forced labourers on roads and
    at military camps, although the amount
    of forced labour in northern Rakhine
    State has decreased over the last
    “In 1978 over 200,000 Rohingyas fled to
    Bangladesh, following the
    ‘Nagamin’ (‘Dragon King’) operation of
    the Myanmar army. Officially this
    campaign aimed at “scrutinising each
    individual living in the state,
    designating citizens and foreigners in
    accordance with the law and taking
    actions against foreigners who have
    filtered into the country illegally.” This
    military campaign directly targeted
    civilians, and resulted in widespread
    killings, rape and destruction of
    mosques and further religious
    “During 1991-92 a new wave of over a
    quarter of a million Rohingyas fled to
    Bangladesh. They reported widespread
    forced labour, as well as summary
    executions, torture, and rape.
    Rohingyas were forced to work without
    pay by the Burmese army on
    infrastructure and economic projects,
    often under harsh conditions. Many
    other human rights violations occurred
    in the context of forced labour of
    Rohingya civilians by the security
    As of 2005, the UNHCR had been assisting
    with the repatriation of Rohingya from
    Bangladesh, but allegations of human rights
    abuses in the refugee camps have
    threatened this effort.
    Despite earlier efforts by the UN, the vast
    majority of Rohingya refugees have remained
    in Bangladesh, unable to return because of
    the regime in Myanmar. Now they face
    problems in Bangladesh where they do not
    receive support from the government. In
    February 2009, many Rohingya refugees
    were helped by Acehnese sailors in the
    Strait of Malacca, after 21 days at sea.
    Over the years thousands of Rohingya also
    have fled to Thailand. There are roughly
    111,000 refugees housed in 9 camps along
    the Thai-Myanmar border. There have been
    charges that groups of them have been
    shipped and towed out to open sea from
    Thailand, and left there. In February 2009
    there was evidence of the Thai army towing
    a boatload of 190 Rohingya refugees out to
    sea. A group of refugees rescued by
    Indonesian authorities also in February 2009
    told harrowing stories of being captured and
    beaten by the Thai military, and then
    abandoned at open sea. By the end of
    February there were reports that of a group
    of 5 boats were towed out to open sea, of
    which 4 boats sank in a storm, and 1 boat
    washed up on the shore. February 12, 2009
    Thailand’s prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva
    said there were “some instances” in which
    Rohingya people were pushed out to sea.
    “There are attempts, I think, to let
    these people drift to other shores. […]
    when these practices do occur, it is
    done on the understanding that there
    is enough food and water supplied.
    […] It’s not clear whose work it is […]
    but if I have the evidence who exactly
    did this I will bring them to account.”

    The prime minister said he regretted “any
    losses”, and was working on rectifying the

  10. Rohingya massacre
    During World War II , Japanese forces
    invaded Burma, then under British colonial
    rule . The British forces retreated and in the
    power vacuum left behind, considerable
    violence erupted. This included communal
    violence between Buddhist Rakhine and
    Muslim Rohingya villagers. The period also
    witnessed violence between groups loyal to
    the British and Burmese nationalists . The
    Rohingya supported the Allies during the war
    and opposed the Japanese forces, assisting
    the Allies in reconnaissance.
    The Japanese committed atrocities toward
    thousands of Rohingya, including rape,
    torture, and murder. In this period, some
    22,000 Rohingya are believed to have
    crossed the border into Bengal , then part of
    British India, to escape the violence.
    40,000 Rohingya eventually fled to
    Chittagong after repeated massacres by the
    Burmese and Japanese forces.

  11. Dear Dr, Pravin Togadia, Your honor, I’m CMC Camp Management Committee chairman of Nayapara Arakan Rohingya Refugees camp in Bangladesh. I’m extremely unhappy for your misunderstanding about the most persecuted Rohingya of Arakan. I would like to supplicate to you for not hear the backbite of others or from anti-Rohingya. You should confirmed first before going against immaculate and vulnerable Rohingya because you are a leader of Great India. Thank U.

  12. I have heard that the government set security force in Maungdaw, Arakan because of the current instability.

    The Bengali Rohingya terrorists are burning houses and killing innocent people including government police and women and children in Maung Daw, Arakan.
    According to Laywaddy updated news, over 30 villages were burnt by Bengali Rohingya terrorists holding guns.
    There are currently fighting seriously with the government soldiers in Maundaw.

    According to a government official who is working in the Migration Department, there are 95% Bengali Muslim in Maung daw and 85% in Buthidaung,
    which are border area very close to Bangladesh, only apart Narf River.

    “Because of the rocket population growth and the huge amount of illegal migration” of the Bangali Muslim,
    there are much more population different between the local people and Bengali Muslim.

    They had destroyed and fired nearly a hundred Arakan villages and killed thousands of Arakaneses during the conflict in 1942.
    Started from 1951 and 1952, they tried to build a Muslim State by trying to occupy Maungdaw and Buthidaung.
    The name “Rohingya” came into existence last 50 years ago and became well-known these years.

    I would like like to encourage all the local and international journalists to study historical background and the current situations of Arakaneses in Arakan.
    In my point of view, a journalist needs to understand the truth clearly to write.

    As most of the people from international think, we are not majority in our own State, Arakan. Bengali Muslim people become majority in Arakan.
    We are struggling people trying to survive in our own state.
    In Maundaw, the situation is very risky and the government servants are sent to government building.

    “There is no enough security in Maungdaw. Arakaneses villages surrounding Bengali Muslim villages are very risky.
    The situation may worse at night” said Local people form Maung daw.
    The government has to take fully responsibility for the security of its citizens before it is too late.
    And I would like to suggest the international community to form a special committee to conduct research on “Rohingya” as it is the root cause for all problems.

    In conclusion, I would like to request all the local or international journalists, writers, social workers, and leaders and broadcasting
    Media not to give easy comments on “Rohingya” issue as it might lead to genocide like in Rwanda.

  13. Rohingyas trained in different Al-Qaeda and Taliban camps in Afghanistan
    By William Gomes – Bangladesh

    Bangladesh is terrorized by Islamic terrorism. Islamic terrorism has created a culture of fear in Bangladesh. Our main objective is to bring out the nation from this culture of fear. Afghanistan is noted with the notion that “a nation at war and some time a nation engulfed by the “Taliban”.

    In 1990s, 70,000 to 120,000 Muslim youth trained to fight in Asia, Africa, and in Middle East in different Al-Qaeda and Taliban camps in Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda highly trained a notable number of Islamic groups and indoctrinated them with the mission of “Jihad” that influx all over the world the message of fear and violence.

    Arakan Rohingya Nationalist Organization (ARNO) and Rohingya Solidarity Organisation (RSO) were among the groups who were trained in Afghanistan camps and were and are active in Myanmar and Bangladesh.

    Every single Islamic terrorist attack from 9/11 to Bangladesh or else where in world is direct or indirect curse of the mushroom growth of Islamic terrorism. Harkat-ul-Jehad Islami-Bangladesh (HuJI-B) and Jamaat-ul-Mujaihdeen Bangladesh (JMB) have had a strong relation with the Afghanistan based Islamic terrorist networks. Bangladesh witnessed a mass bloodshed in the name of bloody Islam. Roads of Bangladesh were shacked with the slogan “We are Taliban and Bangla Will be Afghan”.

    Bangladesh is experiencing the highest challenge in controlling political Islam and Islamic terrorism. The scenario has changed now Bangladesh becomes the highest threat before world peace and security.

    As a multifaceted phenomenon, terrorism is a reason to fight regionally and jointly. The experience of Afghanistan in fighting the Islamic terrorism has been pivotal. Afghanistan can lead the south Asia in fighting the Islamic terrorism with their all experience.

    Present Afghanistan Government and the people of Afghanistan is major ally of the International community in fighting the Islamic terrorist. The articulation and pursuit of Afghan foreign policy had made it clear the intention and ability to defend the Islamic Terrorism in or by Afghanistan. However, in a world of diversity, the solution we are looking forward to bring an end to the culture of fear and violence does demand a regional united effort.

    International community should guide to bridge the gap between inadequate aspirations of Afghanistan’s foreign policy in fighting the Islamic Terrorist with People and government of Bangladesh based on the spirit of friendship and co operation.

    International community should inspire the politicians and policy makers to mobilize the people of the south Asian region to make an open platform that the normal people can lead the movement against the culture of violence and fear that the movements become people’s movement against Islamic Terrorism and a vibrant campaign for Justice and peace. This initiative will play a central role in helping the people and government of Afghanistan and Bangladesh in their mission towards insuring stability of the south Asian region and the world.

    William Gomes is an independent human rights activist, a Catholic ecumenical activist, and a political analyst. He is also the Executive Director of the Christian Development Alternative (CDA), a national organization against torture and human rights violations.

  14. That is right .So called Rohingya ,Bangali are terrorist group. They terror Burmese people to homeless and killed many people. Prevent them not to terrorist attack India.

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