2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Speech by Narendra Modi at Shivagiri Mutt, Kerala

  1. Dear friends, brothers, sisters and all
    Mr.Narendra Modi is known for leading a frugal lifestyle. He is known to be a workaholic and an introvert. He is a crowd puller as a speaker. He is well known to all states for his policy of industrial promotions which has proved the growth of Indian economy growth. Most of the States don’t agree to this which they think could attract youth against their parties or local politics, which is a fact.
    For ten years after the 2002 violence, the United Kingdom refused to deal with Narendra Modi, but the UK changed this policy in October 2012. Similarly, the European Union ended over a decade-old boycott of Modi in 2012, delinking his image from any human rights issues.
    Let’s wait and see for more days for the brightest time of Mr.Narendra Modi into Indian Politics. Good Luck.

  2. We have lot of expectations from Modiji. May god give commonsense,courage, and farsight to hindus to offer a helping hand to Modiji, so that our grand children will not be running for asylum to some other country.
    my heart felt pranams to the poojya swamigal of Sivagiri for showing the path.

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