Trinidad: Vishwa Sangh Shiksha Varg ( Dwitiya Varsh ) VSSV – 2012 started on July 15th at Chinmay Ashram Kouva Trinidad. This 21 day varg is the first such varga outside Bharat. A total of 58 participants from 6 countries are participating in the varg. The countries represented are USA, UK, Kenya and Caribbean countries of Suriname, Guyana and Trinidad.

The Varg was inaugurated by Swami Prakashanand of Chinmay Ashram in presence of Swami Aksharananda ji – Guyana who is Sarvadhikari for the varga and Arunji Kankani – Vice President – Sewa International USA. Swami Prakashananda ji detailed the importance of service to humanity and appealed to the participants to remain ‘sachet’ ( alert ) during the varg.Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh Trinidad and Tobago  Sanghchalak Shri Deoroop ji Timal and other office bearers were also present.

This is 6th VSSV which takes place every 3 or 4 years for volunteers of HSS who finish their 3 Sangh Shiksha Vargas of 7 days in their respective countries. The varg schedule includes shareerik training like Ashtang Yoga, Samata, Dand , Niyuddha and bauddhik programs of important topics on Hindu culture, challenges to youth, modern tools of communication etc. Programs from local cultural groups showing the efforts taken by ‘Jahaji’ Bharatiyas to preserve their culture are also planned.

RSS functionaries Sarkaryavaha Ma. Bhayya ji Joshi, Ma. Kannan ji, Ma. Bhagaiah ji and Shri Saumitra ji Gokhale, Ravikumarji and Dr.Ram Vaidya will also guide the participants.

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