Chidambaram’s scheming; to falsely implicate Hindu groups in terror cases: Ram Madhav

Ulta Chor Kotwal ko Dante…. !!!! 

New Delhi: July 25 2011
When they are cornered the politicians, like wild cats, tend to go berserk. Same thing seems to be happening to the likes of Home Minister Chidambaram. How else can we explain his utterly ridiculous statement today that the BJP is targeting him because he pushed forward hard with the investigations against the Hindu groups in terror cases?
Now the context is entirely different. A. Raja, the now infamous former Telecom Minister, has said in the Patiala House Courts on 25 July that the Prime Minister and the Union Home Minister Chidambaram were very much in the know of the 2G spectrum allotments. Chidambaram was the Finance Minister when the allotments took place. Raja’s contention was that whatever decisions were taken by him in the 2G-spectrum allocation matter were with the full knowledge and approval of the Prime Minister and Chidambaram. In other words he has questioned the logic of keeping him in Tihar jail while his colleagues and collaborators still occupy North Block and South Block.
The BJP has demanded the resignation of both the Prime Minister and Chidambaram. Naturally the Congress could have responded in a mature and politically befitting manner to the BJP.
In stead Chidambaram chose to ‘Diggyise’ the issue by raising the bogey of Hindu terror. His answer (if it can be called one) to BJP’s criticism was that the Party was targeting him because he went after the Hindu groups in the terror investigation. Now, the BJP has not made any allegations against Chidambaram by itself. The allegations came from a very important former colleague of Chidambaram and former Union Minister A. Raja. Does Chidambaram mean that A. Raja too was influenced by Hindu forces to blame him?
Chidambaram’s foot-in-the-mouth reaction establishes the guilt in him. The guilt is two-fold; one, of course, is what A. Raja has revealed – complete connivance in the spectrum scandal; second, by his own admission he was directly responsible for targeting and trying to wrongfully implicate Hindu groups in the terror investigation.
Now the cat is out of the bag. It was Chidambaram’s scheming; to falsely implicate Hindu groups in terror cases so that the attention of the nation can be diverted from the horrendous looting and corruption indulged in by him and his colleagues.
It is the other way round!!
Ulta Chor Kotwal ko Dante…. !!!!

6 thoughts on “Chidambaram is scheming to falsely implicate Hindu groups in terror cases : Ram Madhav

  1. PC is in dementia.he has forgotten that he is also a hindu.he cannot blame hindus as this is the only religion in world which is highly peaceloving and peacefu.No where in histroy he can cite any atrocity by hindus.It is never get aggressive.But oen thing is certain that no other religion has such traitors as hindus other religion has any traitor of own religion own faith own clan.chidambaram is the latest example where in he had acted against hindus only.he had never acted against any muslim or he is elctred fraudulantly he is under a fear psychosis and criminla syndrome.if he wud remain as HM india would definitely get more of such attacks by islamic terrorits and also increase in attacks by naxals.he is synonymous with the terror acts.RSS BJP VHP should unite to condemn him and also the AIDMK should expediate early hearing of the election case in Madras HC.

  2. MR.Chidambaram & the congress party is trying to eradicate
    the rss & bjp from indian soil if it is done they can make many scams and be rich as ever.if bjp & rss has been wiped out this congress people will sell our country for 30bucks
    to any other country for money and for any thing .now these people were acting as hitter, as they are doing anything as they my point is the bjp will awake from its sleep and attack the congress other wise we s
    should loose our country for ever because of these thieves
    rss should give very strong support for bjp and must defend very aggressively in order to prove the congress is wrong
    with regards

  3. Shame on you Mr. PC. You were regarded as one of the best faces in the INC even after your association with the frauds. But this attitude has completely proves the fact that Congress can never produce gentlemen exactly the way Pakistan can never do that. Come out of petty politics and prove that you are a man and resign as soon as possible and then prove that you are not guilty. And the same applies for our most learned PM – who has sold himself to the lady staying at 10 Janpath.

  4. FAI is the Latest word invented in this world

    FAI=Person who works for others or On behalf of some organisation or agency by compromising ethics and self esteem. In other context fai refers to person who go to the extent of risking his own life, career for money power,fai can be a person who is going to loose the battle, fai can be person who always work against human being, fai can be rouge and he/she can be a person with great knowledge having ill state of mind etc



  6. Its a great initiative by RSS to convey their messages to the people by using these new communication mediums. RSS must reach out to the younger generation people to expand its base. These communication medium are very popular among youth. In the past we realised that RSS’ media management is very bad ( still its not good ), that is why Congress could always attack RSS and tried to prove them Fundamentalists, Anti national, Terrorists etc. RSS never tried to counter attack them, but now its a great change in our organization.
    Media management still requires more attention as most of the people watch TV program and get influenced by them. Therefore we want more RSS aggressive representation on TV which can put True picture of RSS & counter the vilification drive of Congress.

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