Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has clarified that the issue of leadership change in Karnataka Government is totally an internal matter of Bharatiya Janata Party.

Speaking from Mumbai, national spokesperson for the RSS, Ram Madhav, said, “Change of leadership of the Karnataka government is purely a party affair. The RSS will not interfere. However, if BJP leaders consult the RSS, it will offer a candid opinion.” Ram Madhav was answering for a question from DNA.

There was a media speculation that Senior RSS  functionaries had a discussion at Mangalore/Bangalore RSS headquarters, with BJP leaders over leadership change issue and to replace B S Yeddyurappa as Chief Minister.

RSS has clarified that the leadership change is totally an internal matter of Bharatiya Janata Party.

1 thought on “RSS not to interfere leadership change issue of the Karnataka govt

  1. RSS doesn’t want to interfere in the day-today politics.
    But, what is happening in Karnataka is not just a day-to-day politics!
    There are serious allegations against Yediruappa and BJP government.
    And some people have started doubting the integrity of the Sangh leaders itself!

    Being from Sangh background, we all know what is Sangh, how Sangh works and the characters of our leaders.
    But, common people doesn’t understand all that.
    Many of these people voted BJP, looking at Sangh – Since, RSS is with them, they are bound to do good.
    Now, their hopes are dashed and even Sangh wants to keep silent.

    But, why should Sangh keep silent.
    It has all the strength to correct these mistakes.
    Why Sangh wants to keep silent?
    What will be the end result?

    If Sangh really believes in keeping aloof from politics, it should never allow BJP leaders to come near.
    But, everybody knows that, BJP leaders keep coming to meet Sangh leaders and take lot of advice.
    And Sangh cannot assume that, people will believe in whatever it says or claims.
    Now, at the crucial juncture, Sangh wants to keep mum and people cannot digest this aspect!!

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