Bangalore:Yesterday, March 1, it was another opportunity for the Tweeples (Netizens on Twitter) expose NDTV and CNN-IBN along with many other medias on how they reported a FAKE news about RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat.

Few media’s carried news on RSS Sarasanghachalak saying that ”Supreme Court had slammed RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat over Karkare comments.”

Later it was found to be a fake news, as the news disappeared from news websites which published earlier, following the exposure by tweeples.

Links  for further analysis, compiled by Kiran KS, Bangalore!/KiranKS/status/175172987429986304!/KiranKS/status/175174858014064640!/KiranKS/status/175179704830136320!/KiranKS/status/175180209144856576!/KiranKS/status/175183240292872193!/KiranKS/status/175185238392184833!/KiranKS/status/175185882289147904!/KiranKS/status/175186137667731456!/madhusudhan_an/status/175185518114508801!/KiranKS/status/175188097884106752!/KiranKS/status/175189602020237312!/KiranKS/status/175190210957672448!/KiranKS/status/175195098278137858!/KiranKS/status/175195736965779456!/KiranKS/status/175198803526295552

For CNN-IBN, it is the 2nd time they quietly removed a news article in 9 days, without any apology. The first one was for Sushma Swaraj and now for Mohan Bhagawat.

7 thoughts on “FAKE news about RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat exposed by Bangalore tweeples

  1. no action against them because this so called media is above law, no law to check it or fix its responsibility being relative/well wisher of antonia mino. this so called independent media is just playing role of fixer/blackmailer. eg. of it is on youtube talks of barkha dutt and others in radia’s case was exposed is best evidence for this.

  2. The so called pseudo secular English media will go to any extent in their disinformation campaign and will not leave any stone upturned in their smear campaign against RSS and its parivar! They have taken up on themselves to fight somebody’s battle! The media led by CNN IBN and NDTV have no principles and ethics whatsoever specially in their reporting on matters related to Sangh Parivar. I am of the opinion that all personnel connected to Sangh Parivar should boycott everything to do with these channels forthwith to teach them a lesson or two!

  3. Thanks for taking the initiative to expose the English media led by CNN IBN and NDTV! Not only these electronic media had made false reports, but even the dailies in our vernacular like Mathrubhumi had filed such misleading reports in their pages!

  4. Take stringent action on falsenews creaters.Take them to court.They are fooling not only people of india but also the court and law of India

  5. This is nothing new. These people d it because they get away scot free. We are not the type to go and attack them physically. No threat to their life or property.
    What can be done is to organise few like minded people in every town, and take them to court.For this we must have people with time to spare, money as well commitment to take head on.Should not involve RSS directly in it.
    I live in Bengaluru.If any body is interested I am too happy to do my bit. My address:#154, 2nd main, block-1, stage-2, RMV Extn, Bengaluru-560094.

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