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Bangalore July 3: A massive protest has been organised on July 6, Friday at Bangalore and all district headquarters of Karnataka, rejecting the Interlocutors report on Jammu and Kashmir.

In Bangalore, the protest has been scheduled on July 6th Fiday, 10.30am in frontof Town Hall. Senior RSS Functionary V Nagaraj will adrress the protest gathering.

The text of Protest Handbill has been given below:

Save Jammu Kashmir Campaign, Karnataka:

Jammu-Kashmir Interlocutors report : A Conspiracy to sever Jammu Kashmir from Bharat

Please join hands with us for

Jammu Kashmir

Protest  Against the Interlocutors report on Jammu Kashmir

6th July 2012, Friday 10.30 am

Opp. Town Hall, Bengaluru

Reject the report! Shame on Interlocutors!

Can Kashmir be saved by trusting these people?

J&K Chief minister Omar Abdullah says…

  •                         Accession of Jammu-Kashmir was not complete unlike other states of Bharat. Accession had some conditions which Bharat did not fulfill.
  •                         Jammu-Kashmir is an issue between two countries (Bharat and Pakistan) amid which Jammu-Kashmir is getting trampled for the last 63 years.
  •                          Autonomy is the only solution. Pre-1953 status should be reinstated.

Union Home minister P Chidambaram says…

  •                         Jammu-Kashmir has a unique history and geography due to which its solution is also uniquecompared to the rest of Bharat.
  •                          Clandestine talks will happen, strategies would be worked out and once the solution is found it would be known to everyone.
  •           We had made some promises in 1952, 1975 and 1986, we have to fulfill those promises we made.
  •                         Accession was under unique circumstances, this was different from other states; Omar did not state anything wrong about accession in his speech in the assembly.
  •                        Autonomy would be discussed and thought upon

Interlocutor Dileep Padgaonkar says…

§ Ours is a beautiful constitution where everyone’s sentiments can be taken into consideration. It has been amended 400 times, the path to freedom can also be found.

We get angry

  •                         When China issues stapled visas to citizens of Bharat.
  •                         When China claims Arunachal Pradesh as its own.
  •                          When Pakistan demands Kashmirin international forums
  •                         When Google map displaysKashmir as a disputed territory
  •                         When American government’s websitesdepictPakistan Occupied Kashmir as separate from Bharat


BUT, we did not get angry when

 Crores of rupees from yourown tax money is used by the Government of Bharat to form a committee which itselfprovides the prelude to separate Kashmir from Bharat and the government elected by you welcomes the report!


Bangalore: Protest against anti-national report submitted by Jammu Kashmir

If you have faith in the fact

  •                     That Jammu-Kashmir has astrong cultural relationshipof thousands of years with Bharat;
  •                        That Kashmir is an inalienable part of Bharat;
  •                         That the only thing remaining at this juncture is to take back the parts of Kashmir illegally occupied by Pakistan; then

Express your anger!

Voice your protest directly against the Government of Bharat appointed Interlocutors report that will fragment the nation.

Interlocutors report: A beginning of another divide?

The home ministry of the government of Bharat constituted a 3-member interlocutors group on 13 October 2010 to find a solution to the Jammu-Kashmir issue. The interlocutors submitted their report on 12 October 2011. The home ministry after suppressing the report for 7 months made it public only on 24 May 2012.

Prima facie the report is not only objectionable but highly damaging to the unity, integrity and sovereignty of the nation. In a way the demands of the separatists have been given official sanction through this report.

In fact when it was revealed that two of the three interlocutors had participated in Anti-Bharat seminars upon the invitation accorded to them by ISI agent Dr.Ghulam Muhammad Fai, questions were raised on the intentions of the interlocutors group.

The report submitted by the group of Interlocutors on Jammu-Kashmir constituted by the central government does not portray the suggestionsthat emerged by talking to people from diverse sections of the society.In effect this report,which is in the name of unanimity among all the stake holders and citizens, is actually a favorable report prepared as per the demandsof the state and central governments. In fact the report addressesfistful of those separatists who were born out ofwanton and knee-jerk policies of the central government. The basis of such policies is the false beliefs that have been nurtured by them for the last 64 years.

The previous session of the parliament ended only some time ago. If the government was really keen on a debate on the recommendations of the interlocutors, it could have presented it in the parliament. But it seems that the government’s intent is to enforce the report through the back door. If it is indeed so, it should understand that it is playing with fire.

The interlocutors report is a bundle of contradictions and a part of the international conspiracy to separate Jammu-Kashmir from the rest of nation. Any kind of debate is not possible on this anti-national document.This report should be rejected in its totality and it is absolutely necessary to directly challenge this trend.

By reading the following recommendations made by the Interlocutors, one can realize what their intentions are and where doestheir loyalty lie.

Recommendations of Interlocutors and answers of nationalists

  •  Retain the Article 370 as it asserts the unique status of the state. Delete the word ‘Temporary’ from the heading of Article 370 and replace it with theword ‘Special’

This is the only Article of the constitution which the makers of the constitution added for a limited period of time. Sheikh Abdullah himself was a member of the constituent assembly and had signed for this provision thus giving it his approval.

 Promptly ensure that movement of people, goods and services across the LOC and international border is free from any hindrances. For this constitute a combined committee of advisors or a united organization from both sides of the border which will plan for the development of the whole region.

To ensure that this be done, it is not only required to take the consent of the separatists groups in Bharat but also the consent of so-called Azad Jammu-Kashmir government and governments of Pakistan and China. Given the circumstances today this is nothing but mere speculation.

The above recommendation also means that Bharat abandon its position, of 6 decades, on Jammu-Kashmir that it is an internal matter and accept the sovereignty of so-called Azad Jammu-Kashmir government, Pakistan and China respectively and forsake its claim. The interlocutors have recognized the sovereignty of Pakistan over illegally occupied territories by mentioning it as Pakistan Administered Areas (PAK) throughout the report instead of mentioning as Pakistan Occupied Territory (POK).

  •   Considering the Nehru-Sheikh accord of 1952 as the foundation, a constitutional committee should be established to review all Central Actsand Articles of the Constitution of Bharat extended to the State of Jammu and Kashmir and any such laws that breach the autonomy granted to the state under article 370 should be withdrawn.


The truth is that the Article 370 is a mere a procedural mechanism that does not guarantee any autonomy to the state. Moreover, the laws that are applicable to Jammu-Kashmir under this mechanism are alsoin forcein other parts of the country. If the same laws are for the welfare of 120 crore Bharatiyas, how can it be against the welfare of 1 crore 20 lakh people of Jammu-Kashmir. It is notable here that in 1952 Sheikh


Kashmir -Protest on Interlocutors Report-Bangalore

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